Gio Bernard Talks First Florida State Visit

Last weekend's Seminole Showtime was the first time several Florida State recruits were able to see what the school had to offer. One of the recruits in town for the first time was St. Thomas Aquinas running back Gio Bernard. NoleDigest spoke to the 4-star running back to get his thoughts on the visit and to see how the visit impacted FSU in terms of his recruitment.

One of the finest running backs in Florida for 2010 is Gio Bernard from Ft. Lauderdale-St. Thomas Aquinas. The 5A All-State running back has been laying low on the recruiting front as he hasn't said too much in terms of the schools he is interested in.

One school Bernard has mentioned before is Florida State, and this past weekend he made the trip to Tallahassee for his first ever visit to FSU. While he didn't participate in the Showtime camp he wanted to take the opportunity to see what FSU has to offer.

"I have to say it was a really cool visit for me," said Bernard. "It was a pretty good visit. I toured the campus and the facilities a lot with the coaches and with Clint Trickett because he has been there so much. I didn't want to participate in the camp because this was my first time visiting so I wanted to just look around and check everything out."

Gio told NoleDigest that he enjoyed his conversations with the coaches and that they made it known how important of a recruit he is to the program.

"The coaches basically were telling me that they felt I was a good player and that I have attributes that would fit their offense," said Bernard of his conversations with the coaches. "The like how I run the stretch play and Coach Trickett told me I am a perfect fit for their offense."

"I was able to spend some time to coach Fisher when he was in the quarterback meeting and we went over some plays with the quarterback," continued Bernard. "I knew some of the plays and knew how they were supposed to go. Coach Fisher was telling me that not only am I a good player but I am smart."

"The other coach I spent time with was Coach Coley," said Bernard of FSU's recruiting coordinator. "He is the guy that's been there the entire time I have been recruited by FSU and he is the guy that has kept FSU in it. He is a really good recruiter."

Bernard spent the day hanging out with a bunch of FSU recruits and commitments on the trip.

"I was hanging out with Darius Cummings, Christian Jones and Clint Trickett most of the day," said Bernard. "We were just hanging out, walking around and seeing everything. Darius was talking about FSU some; it was just cool."

Gio isn't close to naming any favorites as he says he is still looking at a whole bunch of schools. He says whenever he feels like making a decision he will, but most likely his recruitment will come down to Signing Day.

"A lot of schools are showing me love right now and I could honestly pick any of the schools," stated Bernard. "The one I like and that has comfort and all of that is what I want. I'll probably go through the whole process, see every school, and take my time."

All in all Gio says he was impressed with his first visit to FSU. While he stopped short of comparing the visits he did say his visit to FSU was a good one.

"I enjoyed the visit to FSU and I was definitely impressed by it," said Bernard. "I've been on visits before and I can't compare, but this one was a good one."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Gio, as well as the rest of the recruits from the 2010 recruiting class.

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