Easterling Ready to Play

Shortly after last year's football season came to an end, Taiwan Easterling was working hard to improve him game when he suffered a devastating injury. After missing the entire spring, Easterling claims that he is ready to play from game 1 this season.

Following a very successful freshman season, receiver Taiwan Easterling was partaking in team workouts this past winter when something went wrong.

"I was doing a drill where we jump and explode up," Easterling said. "Right when I went up I knew something was wrong. It was hurting so bad and I couldn't go on."

Easterling spent the entire 2009 spring sidelined with a ruptured Achilles.

Easterling ruptured his left Achilles during the drill and was sidelined for the entire spring and at the time, was doubting if he would make it back for the team's opener against Miami on Labor Day.

"I read on some other people who have had the same injury and from that I knew I would be back for the season, but didn't think it would be this quick," the Mississippi native said. "I just kept working hard and luckily it all paid off for me."

Florida State has since started fall camp, and Easterling has not missed a step. He has participated in every drill, and besides his conditioning, says he is back to working order.

"I feel real comfortable out there," Easterling said. "I feel the same as I did before for the most part. Right now, I get a little winded at times, but other than that everything is back for me."

What's even more amazing about Easterling's recovery, is that he was actually back working with the team weeks ago over the summer.

"This summer when 7 on 7 came around, I got out there and was able to keep up with the defenses," Easting said when asked how long he has felt good to go. "That's when I knew that I would be okay for this season."

Although he was forced to sit out and miss valuable practice time and reps over the spring, he made the best of the opportunity to improve his overall strength, adding bulk while still keeping his speed.

"I got a lot stronger during my time when I couldn't play," Easterling said. "My bench went up and my power clean. I even feel faster after it all because I spent a lot of time working my legs during rehab too."

While Easterling's recovery seems to have happened at an amazingly rapid pace, teammate and fellow receiver Bert Reed says that he isn't shocked at all.

"Taiwan really impressed me," Reed said. "He was doing nothing but working hard all summer and I'm really not surprised how quickly he came back."

Of all returning receivers, Easterling led the unit in catches (30) and yards (322). He also had an acrobatic touchdown catch which helped Florida State knock off eventual ACC Champion Virginia Tech.

Easterling had one of the best highlight's of Florida State's season in 2008.

Although only a redshirt sophomore, Easterling will be relied on heavily in Florida State's passing game as the team looks to claim their first conference title since the 2005 season.

"I'm just ready to go," Easterling said of the season. "It's been a long time and I can't wait to pick up where I left off."

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