Dawkins: "It's my natural position."

A lack of depth and suspensions at the beginning of last season forced Everett Dawkins to come into Florida State and play a new position that he was not used to. Now, after spending a year at tackle, Dawkins has officially made the move back to what he believes is his natural position.

Heading into fall camp last season, Florida State knew they would be down several key players to start the season. While already lacking quality depth at tackle along with the suspensions, the FSU coaching staff made the decision to bring in Everett Dawkins as a defensive tackle.

A year later, there is now depth issues at defensive end and Dawkins has moved outside to help the team in an area of need. Following just three days of fall camp, head coach Bobby Bowden made the decision to move Dawkins over and spoke about that decision with the media.

"He's more familiar with it (at DE)," Bowden said. "He can still play tackle, but we have a little bit more need at end."

Dawkins has officially made the move to defensive end.

The need comes from senior Kevin McNeil, a presumed starter who is now in jeopardy of missing the season due to academic issues. Dawkins has since impressed at his new position and Bowden insists that even if McNeil makes it back with the team, Dawkins will remain at defensive end for this season.

"It's for real," said Bowden. "Even if McNeil does come back."

Dawkins is no stranger to playing at defensive end. While at Byrnes High School in South Carolina, Dawkins played at end where he made a name for himself. He says that he doesn't feel he has missed a beat by playing a year at tackle. Rather, he says that it will only help his performance this season.

"It's easier for me because of playing in high school," Dawkins said. "Especially since I came from tackle and moved. My hands are ready now and my speed is still there."

With experience at the position, and a wide open depth chart at the position, Dawkins says he couldn't be happier to make the move back to his natural position.

"It came at my by surprise," the former Byrnes High standout said. "I was hyped up about it and it's a big opportunity for me so I'm just gonna work hard and go with it."

Dawkins played in three games as a true freshman.

"It's a natural thing for me," Dawkins continued. "I played one year of tackle in high school, but even then I was trying to do all defensive end stuff."

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