Lemonier Taking the Process in Stride

Arguably the top player in Florida for 2010 is defensive end Corey Lemonier from Hialeah Senior High in Hialeah, FL. The 5-star defensive end is the top defensive end in the state and is rated as the 8th best player in the nation according to Scout.com. NoleDigest caught up with Corey to get the latest on his recruitment and to see where Florida State stands with him at this time.

Corey Lemonier is one of the better pass rushers that have come out of South Florida over the past couple years, and the tool set he brings to the field is what has colleges from all over the nation battling for his commitment and signature on Signing Day. The athletic and versatile defensive end has elite size at 6'4 ½" and 234 pounds, and he has a great motor that makes him one of the hardest defenders in this class to stop.

With the season quickly approaching Corey says he has turned his focus on getting physically and mentally prepared for his senior season. He is intent on showing that the lofty ranking and attention he's gotten is well deserved.

"We've been working hard as we're getting ready for the season," said Lemonier. "I am focused on getting ready for this season and I am going to let my play do the talking for me. I've been getting a lot of attention but I want to do better and show that I am one of the better players in the nation. I am working hard to do that, and I want to be one of the best."

There have been a lot of rumors about which schools Corey was leaning towards, and there was even some talk that Corey has been a silent commitment to Illinois. He told NoleDigest that no schools are sticking out ahead of the others and that he is taking the process all in stride at this time.

"I was talking to one of my coaches the other day and we were talking about how I have been hearing from everyone," explained Lemonier. "It is best that I keep it open and keep everyone in the mix. Later on, probably after the season, is when I will narrow my list down. I just want to enjoy my senior season."

While the schools are even across the board for Lemonier he did say that some schools are recruiting him harder than others right now.

"I'd say Florida State, Tennessee, Florida, Auburn, Illinois and Miami are recruiting me the hardest right now," Lemonier said, "and I have talked to all those coaches recently. Actually I was supposed to call the Miami coaches a few days ago, I spoke to the coaches at Auburn Sunday, and the coaches at Florida I am supposed to talk to tonight (Monday) but I just got out of practice and they are in meetings right now."

Last month Corey went up to FSU for a visit with teammate Calvin Smith and a few other recruits to check out the school. Corey said he really liked the coaches and the tradition that FSU has.

"I went there last month with Calvin and some other recruits to check it out there," said the 5-star defensive end. "I really enjoyed the coaching staff, the facilities and the tradition they have there. I went into that room with all of the trophies and rings and I saw the Heisman's they had there; I was really impressed by all of that."

While Coach Amato is his primary recruiter Corey says he has talked to just about every staff member at FSU.

"Coach Amato is my primary recruiter but I have heard from just about all of the coaches at FSU," said Lemonier. "I have a picture of me and Coach Amato on my MySpace page, and I have one of me and Coach Bowden there too. I gotta have that one!"

One of the biggest factors going into Corey's recruitment is playing time, and he told NoleDigest that he has been studying depth charts recently.

"I read depth charts and I've been researching that," said Lemonier. "It doesn't matter if they have a 5-star there or whatever, but I want to come in and compete for playing time. Playing is pretty important to me because I don't want to sit on the bench. Wherever I go I plan on busting my tail for playing time."

Corey's 2 goals this year are to win a state title and gain enough weight where he'll be able to be a force as a freshman in college.

"The team's goal is to win state this year," Lemonier said, "and we're focused on being one and getting that done. Personally I am in great shape as I have been running a lot, so I want to have a great year. I'm 234 right now but that is too light. I have weight classes this year and my mom goes to the gym at night so I will be going with her. My goal is to get thicker and gain more muscle mass."

Corey did say that he plans on being in Tallahassee for FSU's game versus Miami on Labor Day.

Stay tuned as we track Corey's recruitment, as well as the rest of FSU's targets, up until Signing Day.

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