Starting 22: Offense

With the first game of the season less than two weeks away, NoleDigest examines the Florida State roster and makes projections on who will start at each position. Several spots still remain open, but time is winding down for players to lock up the spots. In this edition, we will look at the offense.

Quarterback: At the start of camp, some thought EJ Manuel could push Christian Ponder and make a run for the starting job. Since then, Manuel has come along, but not enough as Ponder has taken his game to the next level and solidified himself as the starting quarterback.

Starter: Christian Ponder

Running back: Jermaine Thomas came into camp as the leader and it looks like that is how it will end. Tavares Pressley and Ty Jones both missed crucial time with injuries and were the only other threats to earn the starting job. Freshmen Chris Thompson and especially Lonnie Pryor have looked good in camp, but they are too far behind to think about starting.

Starter: Jermaine Thomas

Full back: With the departure of Marcus Sims and Seddrick Holloway, Florida State is left without a scholarship full back on the roster. Walk-on Daniel Gard has looked good at the position during fall camp and tight end Beau Reliford has worked at the position as well but will likely not start there.

Starter: Daniel Gard

Wide receiver: Florida State has a stable of wide receivers, none of which separate themselves greatly from the others. You can expect Bert Reed, Taiwan Easterling, Jarmon Fortson, Richard Goodman, Louis Givens and Rod Owens to all see a fair amount of snaps with the hottest receiver playing most of the game. Who starts here isn't too important but since we have to choose:

Starters: Richard Goodman and Taiwan Easterling.

Tight end: In years past, this is a position that it wouldn't really matter who starts. Well times are changing and this is now a position that is expected to be used more in the passing game which has made this battle more interesting. Caz Piurowski is known more for his blocking but has made strides as a receiver during fall camp. Beau Relifors is extremely athletic but still very raw. Ja'Baris Little is coming along but still a little further behind.

Starter: Caz Piurowski

Offensive line:For the first time in years, the line will be the strength of the offense. Rodney Husdon leads the unit along with Ryan McMahon as both have the potential to earn All-American honors by season's end. Andrew Datko is well on his way to becoming one of the best left tackles in the nation if he continues to progress at the pace he has during his first year on campus. The right side of the line is the toss up but an injury to Antwane Greenlee has opened it up some. Either way, this unit is very strong and deep enough to dominate for four quarters.

Starters: Andrew Datko, Rodney Hudson, Ryan McMahon, Brandon Davis and Zebrie Sanders.

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