Catching Up with Kenny Shaw

Kenny Shaw has seen his senior season get off to a good start as Dr. Phillips is undefeated and he is playing well. NoleDigest caught up with Kenny to talk about his recruitment and to talk about his list of official visits he plans on making this fall.

Dr. Phillips' standout wide receiver Kenny Shaw has gotten off to a good start as he has been the big-time playmaker the Panthers have needed him to be. While the Panthers are still working out their quarterback situation Shaw says the season's start is what he was hoping for.

"I've been chillin' and focused on the season mainly," said's 58th rated wide receiver. We have 2 quarterbacks playing so we are still trying to get a feel of who's going to be the main guy, but we're playing well. I've been scoring and our defense has been shutting people out. We just beat one of the area's top teams, Osceola, 9-0 this past weekend. I don't know my stats but I know I have 3 scores so far."

Once September came around Shaw says coaches started calling him on the regular. Since then he says he talks to coaches from different schools just about every day.

"When the coaches were allowed to call again Coach Dawsey and Coach Trickett from Florida State, Coach Strong at Florida, Coach Lockwood, and Coach Ball at Georgia have all been in touch with me," explained Shaw. "I actually tried to call the coaches at FSU after the Miami game but they were pretty busy. I did speak to them this past week about it and we talked about how they aired it out a lot and lined up in four receiver sets. We talked about how they needed that one catch at the end but they couldn't get it. I wish I could've been there playing."

Kenny has been working on his list of schools that he plans on officially visiting over the past few weeks, and it looks like he has trimmed it down to the 5 he wants to see. There is one school missing on that list but Shaw says he'll probably switch that up before it is all said and done.

"I'm going to officially visit UCLA, Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio State and Alabama," said Shaw on his plans for officials. "For me it easier to get to see these schools on officials because with the in-state schools I can go see them unofficially anytime I want. The more I think about it, though, I will probably change that up and add FSU in there because they're my top school because of the playing time available there and the great relationship I have with the coaches."

Shaw told NoleDigest he plans on visiting FSU when they play USF on September 26th. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Kenny, as well as the rest of the recruits from the 2010 recruiting class.

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