Tomahawk Awards: BYU

Florida State's performance against BYU Saturday was one of the biggest wins for the Seminoles over the past few years. In this issue of the Tomahawk Awards we give praise to those who played well in the 54-28 win.

Tomahawk Awards

Christian Ponder for his 2 touchdown passes through the air.

• Ponder for his rushing touchdown.

Lonnie Pryor for his first 2 career touchdowns.

Jarmon Fortson for his touchdown catch.

Caz Piurowski for his touchdown.

Ty Jones for averaging over 8 yards a carry and scoring a touchdown.

• The entire offensive line for rushing over 300 yards.

Jamie Robinson for leading the team with 7 tackles.

Nigel Bradham for his 1st career interception.

Mister Alexander for his sack.

Budd Thacker for his huge forced fumble.

JaJuan Harley for his first forced fumble on the special teams play before the half.

A.J. Alexander for his first career interception.

Greg Reid for his back-breaking 67 yard pick-six.

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