Florida State Has Come Full Circle

Florida State has come full circle. After years of dominance, great games, great players and a 14 year run that will be tough to match, the Seminoles now sit at a place many fans thought we'd never see again from an FSU team: sub .500.

Is Saturday's loss to Boston College the point Florida State fans have talked about for some time? Was this loss the point where the program and the administration need to look in the mirror and make changes? In 2006 FSU was thought to of hit rock bottom after an embarrassing 30-0 loss to Wake Forest. Saturday's loss, while more competitive than Wake, is the official rock bottom of a once proud program.

It has been 33 years since FSU has been this bad, and it was a year when Bobby Bowden was in his first year as FSU's head coach. Since then Bowden made FSU into one of the premiere programs in the nation, winning 2 National Championships and contending for at least 5 more in a span that saw the Seminoles rank in the AP Top 5 for a record 14 straight seasons.

Fast forward to Saturday and to Chestnut Hill, it is time to really look at the state of the program and come to the realization that FSU, under Coach Bowden and the long-time coaches at this school, has come full circle.

Why do I say that? Well, since starting last year 6-1, FSU has had a run of 11 games that goes like this: loss, win, loss, win, loss, win, loss, win, win, loss, loss. That is a record of 5-6, with a home record of 2-4 (including the narrow escape against Jacksonville State). That is amazingly average and simply not what this program has come to expect from its football team.

As FSU fans we have all realized that Bobby Bowden hasn't "coached" in 10+ years. But Bowden is the guy who drove the first nail into the coffin known as FSU football when he held himself above the law and hired his son on as offensive coordinator when Mark Richt left for Georgia. Bobby still has his hands on the program, and he uses his influence to still make decisions with regards to the program.

Bowden used to say he's quit when he couldn't win games anymore. FSU cannot be considered an elite program right now. While the tools are there to make it a national power again, FSU has simply hit a wall and hit its peak under Bowden and the long-time coaches like Mickey Andrews, Chuck Amato and Jody Allen. FSU is not winning games, and they are below .500 when you take out the cupcakes they've played over the past few years.

We thought FSU has turned the corner when they demolished BYU, but that is all forgotten now. This team cannot stop anyone on defense, and the offense has become stagnant with poor offensive line play.

The saying in sports is that a team takes on the personality of its head coach. FSU has lost its swagger and aggressiveness that made this team one of the most feared teams week in and week out. Bowden isn't the motivator he once was, and he simply does not get the response from his players as he did even earlier this decade. Bowden has become what he promised he never would: the old ball coach that overstayed his welcome after driving the program into the ground and losing the blood, sweat and tears he and everyone else put into FSU to make it what it once was.

This season does not get any easier as they face a Georgia Tech team that gave them fits last year, and then they go up to North Carolina for Thursday game that is notoriously tough on the ‘Noles. This loss to BC is the lowest this program has been in 3 decades, and now this team, a team many looked at as a program ready to take that next step to getting back, has a realistic chance to lose 4 in a row and start this season 2-5.

While each and every fan loves Bobby Bowden for who he is and what he did for this program, it is time to make the necessary changes to save this program from completely bottoming out. With Jimbo Fisher, James Coley, Rick Trickett, Lawrence Dawsey and others there is youth, vigor, desire and hunger to make this team the best they can. It's time to pass the proverbial torch, and it is time to let these guys run the program and get it back to where it belongs as a national power and title contender.

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