FSU Involved with 2 New Recruits

Florida State's been hitting the recruiting trail evaluating recruits and targeting new prospects for the 2010 class. Two recruits who've popped onto the Seminoles radar are JUCO DL Sandino Daniels and Connecticut TE Will Tye. NoleDigest caught up with each to get their thoughts on FSU and to see how their recruitment is going at this time.

While Florida State targeted most of their recruits for the 2010 class early the coaches still evaluate talented prospects throughout the season. It is not uncommon for under the radar recruits and seniors to have good summer camps, allowing them the chance to gain interest from national programs.

Pearl River defensive lineman Scardino Daniels and Willie Tye from the Salisbury School are two recruits FSU has started to target over the past few weeks.

Daniels Enjoys FSU Visit; Awaiting Offer

With the need for defensive linemen in the 2010 class you had to know the coaches at FSU would be on the lookout for talented players once Corey Miller and Brandon Willis chose to commit to Tennessee. Pearl River has always been a JUCO that FSU has looked at for players, and this year one of their standouts is Scardino Daniels.

Daniels ended up at Pearl River after moving to Mississippi after 9/11. The New Jersey native had always been a basketball player before moving to Mississippi, but when he got there he started playing football. He decided to go to Pearl River to continue to learn the game and to hopefully gain interest from programs all over the nation.

With a December graduation planned Daniels has seen the goal of playing college football becoming a reality as several programs have are close to offering, while others are in the process of evaluating him at this time.

"USF, UCF, Iowa, Iowa State have been in contact for a while and I have been talking to those coaches at least once a week," said Daniels. "Nothing too big is going on but I expect by the end of the season that I will be more recognized and that I will have offers. FSU and LSU have been talking to me, too. I was out fishing and one of the coaches from LSU had called. I told him I'd call him back, but I dropped by phone in the river. Since then I haven't heard from them too much."

Daniels was in Tallahassee for the USF game a few weeks ago. He said he really enjoyed the visit and that he'd love to play in an environment like the one FSU provided.

"FSU has been trying to recruit me a little bit," Daniels said, "so I went down there to check it out. I am interested in them for sure. My cousin Terrell Buckley is there and I really like the tradition and history of the program. They like me as a defensive end, but they think I can play anywhere from the 1-9 technique."

"I loved the visit and I would love to play in front of 90,000 people," continued Daniels. "If I played in front of that many people I would play until my heart popped. I'd love it for real."

While Daniels doesn't hold an offer from FSU he says that the coaches are in the process of evaluating him and checking out his grades to make sure he is a viable option for this class.

"FSU is evaluating me, watching film and looking over my transcripts," explained Daniels on if FSU is going to offer. "They feel I am a good player and all that. I am planning on graduating in December, but in the worst case it will be in the spring. If they offer me more schools would come through with an offer, but I really like FSU. If I worked hard and did the right things I would have a chance to play early there."

Scardino says he has 2 years of eligibility left once he leaves Pearl River.

Tye Excited About FSU Offer

Will Tye isn't a name many recruiting fans aren't familiar with, but Will was one of the top performers this summer at the Top Gun Camp in Orlando.

Recruiting has gotten off to a slow start for Tye but he says that things have started to pick up, especially now that he has an offer from FSU.

"For a while all I had were offers from Temple and Wyoming, but now I have an offer from FSU," said the Salisbury standout. "LSU, North Carolina, N.C. State, and Iowa have been showing me interest, and I talk to LSU at least once a week. We can play football here in Connecticut too, and I think coaches are starting to see that."

The offer from FSU was big for Will because he has always been a fan of the team. He told NoleDigest that the offer meant a lot to him, and that right now FSU is his top school.

"The offer from FSU means a lot to me, and it is a big step up from what I had going," said Tye. "I am definitely interested in them. Coach Coley was telling me how they like how I am big guy that can run. I have good hands and I am a match-up problem. I am too big for corners when I line up in the slot and I am too fast for linebackers as a tight end. FSU has been my favorite since I was a kid and they are high on my list. I was amazed when the offer came."

Will plans on waiting the process out to see who else offers him. He says he will be looking for a school that offers playing time as a tight end and a place where he feels comfortable.

"I am probably going to take my visits after the season and wait to see what else is out there," said Tye of the recruiting process. "I am looking for a school that needs tight ends and wide receivers and I am looking for coaches that I am comfortable with."

As a junior the 6'3" 230 pound athlete had 25 catches with 5 touchdowns, and on defense he had 45 tackles, 5 interceptions and 4 returned for scores. He also returned 2 kickoffs and 2 punts for a touchdown.

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