Sanders Enjoys FSU Visit

Vincent Sanders made his first visit to FSU this weekend for the game against Maryland. NoleDigest caught up with him to get his thoughts on the visit.

Earlier this week it looked like the visit to Florida State wasn't going to happen for Vincent Sanders. After lining some things up, Sanders was able to get to Tallahassee for the game yesterday as the Seminoles took on Maryland.

Since getting the offer from FSU Vincent had been eager to visit. He told NoleDigest that he enjoyed the game and that the visit helped out the Seminoles.

"I enjoyed the game," said Sanders. "Being at that game and being around that crowd was a highlight for me. This visit really helped out FSU more."

While the visit was unofficial Vincent said he spoke to a bunch of coaches and that they talked about him having a bright future if he were to come to FSU.

"I talked to pretty much every coach except for Coach Bowden," explained Sanders. "We talked about the chances I would have in that offense and about how I could become a better person in life. We also talked about my official. I am going to take one there but I am not sure when yet."

Sanders said the visit compared well to the others he has made, but when asked he said there is one thing that separated the FSU visit from the rest. Was it enough to make the Seminoles his leader?

"Well, the first impression was just about the same," said Sanders when asked about how the visit was compared to others. "It is hard to say what separates them but I would say the atmosphere at FSU was best. I liked it there but I am not ready to name a leader now."

Vincent was impressed by the offense and the way FSU spread the ball around. Now he is turning some of his attention to basketball, but look for him to make his visit some time at the turn of the year.

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Vincent, as well as the rest of the recruits from the 2010 recruiting class.

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