's Take: Jeff Luc

Jeff Luc was one of the numerous unofficial visitors in town this past weekend for the Florida State vs. Maryland game. NoleDigest talks about the visit and discusses if the visit helped out FSU when it comes to Luc's recruitment.

Florida State and Jeff Luc have been up and down when it comes to recruiting this year. Luc admitted early on to being an FSU fan, and he said had the coaches showed more interest early on his recruitment would most likely had been wrapped up long ago.

Since the 2010 recruiting cycle started Luc has been pretty reserved in what he says regarding schools, and he has visited just about every program both officially and unofficially and rumors have said different teams have led at different times.

Coming into the visit this past weekend FSU had started to make another push, making this visit important for FSU. Jeff said that overall the visit went pretty well and that he got a chance to talk to the players and coaches again.

"The visit was nice, and I got the chance to speak to the coaches again as well as players," Luc said after the visit.

As with just about every defensive recruit on the Seminoles' board Luc wants to see how the coaching changes develop. Once FSU makes that announcement there is a possibility FSU's chances will increase.

"I talk the most to (Coach) Coley the most," Luc said, "and he tells me they're going to bring good people in. I want to see who comes and it is something that could help them."

NoleDigest's Take:

There's been some smoke recently that Luc and FSU have shown increased mutual interest in each other, hence the visit this past weekend. FSU has always been an option for Jeff, and the coaches have sold to him the chance for early playing time. Luc is now really starting to see that.

At one time NoleDigest felt that Jeff was heading to Florida, but it looks like that may not be happening anymore. There are some close to the situation that feel that if the defensive coordinator is someone Luc is familiar and comfortable with, FSU may indeed land the 5-star standout.

These next few weeks are going to be interesting with Jeff's recruitment because he is still working on becoming an early enrollee and he still has 2 visits left to take. LSU is up next and the official final visit is up in the air. FSU is contention for the visit but we will see how it unfolds.

What is for sure is that FSU has made a run with Luc to the point they must be considered a legit threat to land his signature when it is all said and done.

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