Are We at the End for Bobby Bowden?

At his post game press conference Saturday Bobby Bowden talked about his future as Florida State's head coach. There was a major buzz after the press conference when he said he needed to do some "soul searching". NoleDigest talks about his future and what may be unfolding over the next few weeks.

Entering the 2009 football season Bobby Bowden's future was discussed in terms of building off a good 2008 in order for the legendary coach to build this year for a final run in 2010. After another 6-6 season Bowden's future is as up in the air as it's ever been.

Saturday saw Florida dominate Florida State for the 3rd year in a row as the Gators continued their 6 year run over the Seminoles. As the rivalry game approached, fans and media had talked about Bobby's tenure at FSU and if he merited another season. We saw earlier in the year Board of Trustees head man Jim Smith publically state it was time to go. Others close to the program have thought the same, while members of the press felt it was up to Bowden when and if he wanted to end his career at FSU.

If there has been any indication this year that it is time to make a move Saturday's loss was it. We've talked about the long and arduous season as it has progressed, but the press conference for Bobby was something that had never been seen; it looked like the season had taken it's toll on the 80 year old coach, and he, after publically and emphatically stating he was coming back in 2010, showed doubt on if this year was really the end of a great run.

By now we have all heard and/or read the quote where Bowden said he has some "soul searching" to do when asked if he wanted to coach next year. But the press conference was full of doubt from a guy who'd long be stubborn when it came to him being on the sidelines in 2010. The realization that this program needs a shot in the arm suddenly became a stark reality, it seemed.

There is no doubt that assistants and the players didn't want the Bowden era to end like this. The roster is littered with players who came to FSU because of Bobby, and it bothers them this is what FSU has become.

"We are winners and we want to win, so just being in the game doesn't mean much to us," said freshman kicker Dustin Hopkins. "I think we all have some soul searching to do. He is a wise man. I love Coach Bowden, man, and he is an awesome person. He is one of the reasons I came here. He came to my house. He is a great Christian and loves the Lord. I know boosters want him out. We just want to win."

What's next for FSU?

While others like Jarmon Fortson and E.J. Manuel would like him to stay, but the fall of the program and the future this team has needs to be addressed. It looks like it is going to as word came Monday that the Board of Trustees, administration, Bowden and Jimbo Fisher will be meeting as soon as Monday.

In his teleconference Bowden said Sunday that he'd like to come back but that he needed to talk to T.K. Wetherell and that like most people he had bosses to answer to.

"Right now I would like to come back," said Bowden Sunday. "I will probably talk to T.K. sometime this week. I haven't talked to him about it (his future). It is something we were going to talk about after the season. I only want to come back as the head coach. But I have bosses that have to approve that."

That is where we sit now. Speculation has been that this year will be it for Bobby, and after the embarrassing loss to Florida Saturday it looks as like that is what we're now going to see. The ground-swell for the change to Fisher is now larger than ever and now there are severance packages rumored to be put together.

One way or another fans of Florida State will get an answer on the future and the direction this program is heading. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for the latest.

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