"I'm a Nole!"

NoleDigest first broke the news Monday afternoon that First Coast running back Eric Beverly had committed to Florida State. Monday night Eric spoke to NoleDigest about his decision to commit to FSU, and talks about how he'll fit into the Seminole offense.

A few weeks ago, after Florida State's last home game against N.C. State, rumors surfaced that 2011 running back Eric Beverly was close to committing to the Seminoles. After coming close to pulling the trigger he decided to wait and think about the decision. Eric said that Monday just felt right for him and that he wanted to go public with his commitment then.

"I just decided today was the day to commit," Beverly told NoleDigest about announcing his commitment Monday. "I waited a little bit, but today felt right. It feels good, and I am very excited to be a Seminole!"

Beverly has been a frequent visitor to FSU home games over the past few years. The comfort he feels with the program, as well as the way they want to use him in their offense, is reasons why FSU was always the choice for him.

"I just feel comfortable there," said Beverly. "It's always been FSU. I know some people were asking me about visiting Florida but that was just me wanting to see the FSU vs. Florida game. The coaches have told me they want me because I am a big, bruising back that can step up in the hole and block as well as run inside to gain the tough yards."

Wide receivers coach Lawrence Dawsey is Eric's primary recruiter. Eric said that while he hasn't gotten a chance to speak to all of the coaches Dawsey is happy.

"Coach Dawsey has been my primary recruiter," Beverly said, "and has built up a great relationship with my dad. They have a great bond, and that helped. I haven't gotten the chance speak to the coaches but I know Coach Dawsey is happy."

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for FSU and its fans. From coaching changes to commitments the news has been swift and loud. Eric says he's been paying attention.

"I know Bobby is gone and it would have been cool to play for him, but I am okay with what's going on there," said Beverly of the changes at FSU. "It really had no effect on me. I like the coaches a lot, and I love the offense. I'm the 4th commitment for 2011 and I've seen that we're picking up steam. That is good!"

Eric plans on visiting FSU this weekend with 2010 commitment Tavaris Barnes.

"Tavares is still feeling FSU for sure," said Beverly. "We're going to FSU this weekend to watch practice and hang out with J.T. (Jermaine Thomas), Nigel (Carr) and Avis (Commack). All of them being there helped."

With his commitment out of the way Eric plans on turning all of his attention to getting First Coast a state title.

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