's Take: Joyner's Commitment

This has been a huge week for Florida State as they got their second 5-star commitment in Lamarcus Joyner. NoleDigest talks about the commitment and what it means to the class heading into Signing Day.

What week for Florida State! First Jeff Luc committed, and then yesterday St. Thomas Aquinas defensive back Lamarcus Joyner decided to end his recruitment and verbally commit to the Seminoles.

Getting Joyner to commit was huge for FSU because he is a national recruit that plays a major position of need. It has been known that the ‘Noles need defensive backs in this class. There aren't many in the country better than Joyner. While some question his size, Joyner has the wing span of a 6-footer, is extremely explosive, and he can jump out of the gym. You'll be hard pressed to find a corner as physical as Joyner is. says this about Lamarcus: speed kills and Joyner may be the fastest football player, in pads, in the entire state of Florida. Joyner should join a handful of players in all of college football right now who can change the image of a game with just one touch. With long limbs and a great leaping ability he has the ability to cover taller receivers and lower center of gravity to change direction with smaller receivers.

Joyner's recruitment never did turn into the roller coaster ride some expected, but last week Lamarcus made headlines when he eliminated FSU after Bobby Bowden retired. Joyner admitted earlier this week that he overreacted to that and did not think it through.

While schools like Ohio State and Florida each made runs at him, Joyner was always a ‘Nole at heart. The Buckeyes were the program that gave FSU the most competition, but Joyner felt all along he'd end up in Tallahassee.

What does this mean for FSU?

With the need for elite, impact defensive backs FSU struck gold here. Over the summer Joyner came close to ending his recruitment, but he decided to keep it open and weigh his options.

Now that Joyner is in the fold now FSU can turn their attention to securing the remaining targets on their board. Guys like Terrence Mitchell and Matt Elam are the remaining top-flight recruits for FSU left. Getting guys like Luc and Joyner to go public will show recruits like Mitchell and Elam that FSU is offering something great and something to play for.

FSU has Joyner, Chad Abrams and Michael Harris committed, and it looks like Jarred Haggins and/or Greg Dent may end up on in the secondary for FSU. Landing Mitchell and Elam would make this one of the best secondary classes in the nation, and it would mean FSU met their needs.

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