Coley hitting the recruiting trail hard

As soon as Florida State concluded their regular season against Florida nearly three weeks ago, the Florida State coaching staff hit the road recruiting hard. The leader of the pack is recruiting coordinator James Coley who has seen five states and over eight cities in the past two weeks.

If you follow Florida State's recruiting coordinator James Coley on Facebook or Twittter, you probably already know that he seldom has time to himself as he is always on the road looking to bring the best high school talent to Tallahassee.

The heart of recruiting season is just around the corner and Coley wants to make sure he gets a head start.

"Planes, trains and automobiles," Coley said when asked what he is up to this time of the year.

"Last week I was in the Atlanta airport for fifteen minutes and it was a dead sprint," Coley said. "Forget that train, you're running through the terminals."

When not meeting with his tight ends for film sessions or out at practice, this is the time of the year where Coley spends his time everywhere imaginable looking for the next great Seminole. Coley does admit that it can get tiring at times but it is a must.

"It's tough, but in order to do what you gotta do, you can't just vacation," Coley said. "It ain't a lazy man's game."

In one week, Coley literally flew coast to coast as he spent time in Florida, Texas, California, New York and Connecticut. During his recent recruiting span, Coley has convinced some of the nations top high school and junior college talent to come to Florida State. What keeps the man going?

"Cuban coffee keeps me going," Coley said with a laugh. "Lots of sugar and lots of espresso."

As far as where did Coley learn the majority of his recruiting tactics from? Look no further than Florida State's newest head coach.

"Jimbo's always been my mentor," said Florida State's recruiting coordinator. "He taught me the ropes."

What made Florida State's recent span of commits so impressive is that the majority of the prospects pulling the trigger have been on the defensive side of the ball. Coley is credited with being a major part as to why Jeff Luc and Lamarcus Joyner both committed to Florida State, even not knowing who their defensive coordinator was going to be. Coley says honesty with recruits is the best option and everything else takes care of itself.

"I'm not gonna spread rumors out there and say this is a certain guy," Coley said. "I'm going to be honest with them. Coach Fisher is going to do his due diligence and he's going to hire the best people for those positions. We know that and we trust him in doing that. The prospects trust us and in return, they trust him."

Coley and the current staff has been extremely short handed on the recruiting front as of late, but soon-to-be head coach Jimbo Fisher has said that he hopes to have a full staff ready to go by January 2, the day following Florida State's bowl game.

"It's going to be fun," said Coley of having the extra help on the recruiting front. "I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be some exciting times."

Florida State finished up a morning practice Thursday and Coley was asked if he planned on hitting the road shortly after to continue of his recruiting efforts.

"I'm thinking about it," Coley said with a smile.

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