NoleDigest Goes 1-on-1 with Dameyune Craig

Florida State's coaching changes are coming along smoothly as the Fisher era is set to begin in a few weeks. During this past week Jimbo made 3rd hire as Dameyune Craig is set to join to staff. NoleDigest spoke to the new FSU coach Saturday about the hire, and he talks about his expectations for the Seminoles moving forward.

NoleDigest was the first Florida State website to talk about the possibility of Dameyune Craig joining the staff when Jimbo Fisher took over. This week it finally happened as he agreed to come to FSU as one of Coach Fisher's offensive assistants.

This is an opportunity Craig says he is excited for, and he says it is something that he's been prepared to do since he started his football career.

"I am most definitely excited about coming to FSU," said Craig about the hiring. "I have always stayed in touch with Coach Fisher even when I was done playing college football at Auburn. I always told him that I wanted to be on his staff when he became a head coach. Now he started when he was 27. I just kept putting it in his ear."

"Ever since high school I knew I wanted to be a coach so I always took a different approach to the game," continued Craig. "I always had the athletic ability; I could run a 4.4 40 and run by you, but Coach Fisher always told me that I had to beat people with my mind first and be a student of the game. Since then I looked at things differently."

Craig is looking at this opportunity as a chance to continue his coaching career, but he is amped up as he gets another chance to work with Coach Fisher. Dameyune told NoleDigest that he owes a lot to Fisher and that he was the best coach he ever had.

"Coach Fisher is the best coach I ever had," said Craig of FSU's soon to be head coach. "I've played in the west coast offense, and I had a chance to work with Mike Martz at the Senior Bowl and Coach Spurrier some with the Redskins, but Coach Fisher is the best coach I ever had. The way he breaks it down for his quarterbacks and the way he motivates is the best. He taught me a lot. I remember watching hours of film with him over the summers at Auburn. Even in the NFL, and when I set the NFL Europe single game passing record with 600 yards, I always reverted back to what Coach Fisher taught me."

While this is Craig's first gig as a position coach in major college football he does have experience in both college and the NFL as a coach.

"At South Alabama I worked with the wide receivers," Craig said, "with the Miami Dolphins in 2005 I was a special teams assistant, in 2004 I was a grad assistant at LSU, and at Tuskegee I was the quarterbacks coach. That year my quarterback was a first year starter who was able to set all the passing records. He was the highest rated quarterback in football that year."

Dameyune is pretty sure he'll be working with quarterbacks at FSU.

"While Coach Fisher will still work with the QB's I will be working with them," said Craig. "Coach Fisher can't be at 1,000 places at one time. I have worked with him so I know how he likes it done and teach it like he wants it to be done. I don't think it will be any different."

"I have kept up with Coach Fisher's quarterbacks since I left college," continued Craig. "He's put 7 or 8 guys in the NFL. I would always call him about his guys. I remember when I was with the Carolina Panthers I told him about Chris Leak. He told me no thanks because he had a first round draft pick in Jamarcus Russell there. His track record is solid and I think he is second to none."

Craig says he is excited to work with top flight players at FSU while they work to get the Seminoles back among the nation's elite teams.

"I'm not nervous about coming to FSU because I played big-time college ball, I played in the NFL and I have coaches in the NFL," said Craig. "I am just excited. I know what it takes. I understand the big picture at FSU. I had a chance to win the national championship at a black college at Tuskegee, now I am excited to work with top flight players at FSU and get into the BCS."

The new coach says his first task is to develop relationships with the staff and players at FSU. After that he says his goal is bringing top flight athletes and championships to FSU.

"First I want to develop relationships with the coaching staff and the players at FSU," said Craig. "I want the players to understand that when they come to FSU it is a lifetime decision. This is a commitment for me. I want to get the top athletes at FSU and I want to win championships. I think FSU has the right guy in Coach Fisher that will help lead us back."

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