Players Talk FSU win, Bowden and Andrews

Florida State players wanted to send out Bobby Bowden and Mickey Andrews out with a win over West Virginia and they were able to do that with a 33-21 win Friday in the Gator Bowl.

Over the week leading up to the game the players for FSU talked about the importance of winning this game for Bobby Bowden and Mickey Andrews, two of the most influential coaches in college football history.

After the game several players talked to the media about the 33-21 win over the Mountaineers. The overall sentiment was the pleasure of sending the two legends out victorious.

CB Patrick Robinson

On how it felt to send Coach Bowden with a win:

"It feels great you know, but at the same time it was a little emotional, the end of my college career and the end of Coach Bowden's coaching career and the end of Coach Andrew's coaching career. It was pretty big to come out here and give a great effort and get a win for our last game in college."

On what it means to play a large role:

"It definitely means a lot. It shows the trust they have in me and I respect that. That's a big thing for me."

On the second half performance of the defense

"Well we just regained our focus and just try to be as fundamental as possible. Just try to execute this game that we have, just do our best. Just do everything Coach Andrews told us to do."

S Jamie Robinson

On the atmosphere of the game

"The stadium was packed, Florida State fans were throughout the whole thing. Crowd did a great job of giving energy to feed off of them. Just with the atmosphere, it was a great place to be."

On Noel Devine:

"He's a great athlete. He has a lot of talent, he can beat you to the corner, and he can catch balls out of the backfield. He showed that out there today. We had our hands full just trying to contain him and keep him tackled. But he's a very well respected player."

LB Dekoda Watson

On winning by double digits:

"I honestly felt like the players really stepped up today. We didn't play for ourselves, not one time; we played out for the coaches; Mickey Andrews, Coach Bobby Bowden and all the other coaches that aren't going to be here next year. I honestly felt like they just dropped everything and played for these guys."

On his game today:

"I felt like if I wasn't ready to play this game, something was really wrong with me, something wasn't right about this. I just wanted to put my best foot forward and defiantly send Coach Bobby Bowden and Coach Andrews and all the other coaches out with a bang. Not for the coaches, but for myself and the other seniors too."

QB E.J. Manuel

On the emotions of today's game:

"I feel like everybody was a lot more focused before the game. It actually started last night. Everybody knew the task at hand. We had to come out and win this game. We also wanted to send a message to the country that we felt like we should be here, that we deserved the opportunity to get here so we weren't just going to come here and lose. We wanted to come out here and make a difference."

On being the starting QB in Bowden's last game:

"I wasn't expecting all that other stuff (winning MVP, scoring the final touchdown) but the fact that I was going to be one of his players and the quarterback for his last game; it meant the world to me. It was a true blessing and I really want to thank God first and foremost for this opportunity……It's something that I can tell my grandkids when I'm long and done with football It's awesome."

WR Jarmon Fortson

On his emotions after the game:

"It's kind of mixed right now. I'm kind of sad Coach is leaving because he only coached me for two years. That's a legend. I've never gotten to meet a legend in my life. I'm kind of happy that we won but then again I have to get ready for next year. Next year is going to be my junior year and I'm expected to step into a leader's role. I've got to do it for Coach Fisher."

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