Dorsey Committed but Still Looking

Demar Dorsey has been committed to Florida since his 11th grade year. With the 2010 recruiting process close to wrapping up he recently decided to take a few visits before he makes a final decision. NoleDigest caught up with Dorsey to get his thoughts on the upcoming visits and to see what the likelihood of him not going to Florida is.

Demar Dorsey has been a commitment to Florida since October 2008. Since then he has remained relatively firm with his decision. The Gators once thought Demar would be an early enrollee for them, but that plan fell apart at the end.

Since then Demar softened his commitment to Florida as he has decided to take officials to both Tennessee and Florida State over the next few weekends.

"I am visiting Tennessee this weekend and then FSU next weekend," said the 4-star Boyd Anderson product. "I have been planning on taking some visits this whole time so I decided to do it now. I spoke to the coaches at Florida about it and they are okay with it. They feel secure in me coming there."

Heading into the UnderArmour All-American Game Dorsey was looked at by some to be more of an athlete than anything at this stage. He showed throughout practices and in the game that he is one of the best defensive backs in Florida for 2010.

"I am happy with the way it went there," said Dorsey of his time in Orlando. "I didn't have a highlight tape for me to put out there so I wanted to show people what type of player I am. I think I was able to show I can play on the next level. I have my new highlight tape now and I am going to be putting it out there soon."

Demar told NoleDigest that he is looking at Tennessee and FSU because they are up and coming programs.

"I think Tennessee and FSU are up and coming, so I want to use these visits there to look at the academic side of things, not too much on the field stuff," explained Dorsey.

FSU's Coach Gran and Coach Stoops have been the ones recruiting Demar. He says he is familiar with Gran from his days at Tennessee and that he is familiar with Stoops' past at Miami.

"Coach Gran and Coach Stoops have been pushing academics with me right now to make sure I'm doing what I have to do to get to that next level," said Dorsey. "Coach Gran was recruiting me at Tennessee and I had an in-home with him when he was there. I just had one with him now with him being at FSU. We talk a lot and we have a pretty good bond together. With Coach Stoops you now when he was at Miami he put guys like Sean Taylor and Ed Reed in the league. He produced a lot of good players there."

One of the biggest question marks with Dorsey has been his ability to qualify. He says he is on track to qualify and that he is now awaiting his test scores.

"I just need this last credit class I am taking now and I should be done with it sometime this week," said Dorsey. "I have a 2.7 right now. I've been getting focused so I can graduate and play in college. All I am waiting for now is the ACT score I took on December 12th."

While Tennessee and FSU are pursuing hard and the interest is mutual Dorsey did say it will be tough for any school to get him to go anywhere else.

"I've been committed to Florida since my 11th grade year so I didn't get recruited too much," Dorsey said, "but I realized how I have a chance now to take some visits and see what these other schools offer me. I'd say I am 90% committed to Florida. It is going to be tough for a school to change my mind."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Dorsey, as well as the rest of the recruits for FSU.

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