FSU Coming After Werner

Bjoern Werner has seen his recruitment pick up over the past month. Florida State is one of the programs coming after the Salisbury standout, and he is slated to take a visit to FSU soon. NoleDigest spoke to Werner's coach, Chris Adamson, to get the latest on the 3-star's recruitment.

Bjoern Werner is described by Scout.com's Matt Alkire as an awesome, but raw specimen. He is very strong at the point of attack, using his long arms very well and has a quick burst into the backfield. He can be dominant at times up front and has the closing speed to catch up to just about anybody. Werner shows great athleticism for his size in coverage and often knocks down balls. He plays with a nasty streak and is a punishing hitter. With proper coaching, the sky is the limit according to Alkire.

Chris Adamson is Salisbury's head coach and he has been helping Werner throughout his recruitment. He feels Werner has the capability to explode once he gets into a college program.

"Bjoern is a great prospect and a great kid," said Adamson. "He is very versatile. He played some tight end and linebacker for us at 6'4" 270 pounds. He was a captain for us and he is a good leader. He played football in Germany last year; the football is good there and it is better than people think. He is still learning though and he has a lot he can improve on. He has great, natural functional strength. I think he is going to explode once he gets into a college program."

Having missed a year in America last year Werner hasn't gotten the exposure he most likely would have had he played high school the past 3 years. Adamson told NoleDigest a lot of programs have offered Werner off of his sophomore film.

"I feel that if he would have played his junior year here he would have been a kid that played in the All-American games because he has that much talent," said Adamson. "Most of these schools offered him off his sophomore film. Schools like N.C. State and Maryland did that and so did some others."

Florida State has made Werner a high priority kid over the past month. They've been working hard on gaining Bjoern's interest. Coach Coley has been the primary recruiter for Werner and he has been a mainstay in Connecticut recently.

"Coach Coley has been here just about ever week it seems like and he is the main reason why Bjoern is interested in FSU," explained Adamson. "It's been great and Bjoern is very comfortable with him. They have a good relationship. He likes the tradition FSU has. He has also spoken to Coach Fisher a couple times. I don't know if he's spoken to Coach Haggins yet, but he'll get a chance to do that when he visits. If I'm not mistaken Coach Coley said he'll be bringing Haggins with him the next time he comes up here. Entering the season I didn't know if they'd be on his list but they have really moved up into his top 3 for sure."

According to Adamson Werner is being recruited as a defensive end by FSU.

"Based off what they want to do with the defense they are recruiting Werner as a defensive end," said Adamson. "He also has the frame to move inside to defensive tackle id they wanted. He has the speed to come off the edge. He is quick and he get off is good. He really knows how to use his hands well."

Werner's teammate Will Tye told NoleDigest that Bjoern would be attending FSU this weekend for a visit. Coach Adamson said that the details for this upcoming weekend are still being worked out.

"I am not sure yet if he is coming this weekend or next," Adamson said, "but we're working on that now. "Miami, FSU and Florida are right there, and Oregon is high up on his list too. Cal and Maryland are still in the mix. These next two weekends are important for Bjoern because he's never been to some of these schools. He went to Friday Night Lights. I think he'll either be visiting FSU or Florida this weekend, but I know FSU is getting a visit. 2 out of the 3 Florida schools will get a visit."

Adamson says Bjoern's recruitment will come down to where he's most comfortable and which school comes through with what they say.

"It's going to come down to comfort level and his positional coach," said Werner of his recruitment. "Bjoern is likeable and he is a talkative kid but he is also reserved. He isn't going to go out much. He trains, studies and plays football."

"One of the big things too for Bjoern is he has a fiancée that will be going with him," continued Adamson. "It is important that has the personal connection there and that the school follows thru with the plan. That is why Maryland is still there."

Look for Werner to make his decision before Signing Day.

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