Dent Enjoys FSU Visit

Greg Dent made his official visit to Florida State this weekend. NoleDigest caught up with Dent after his visit to talk about the highlights of the visit and to see if he got any clearance on which side of the ball he'll play on at FSU.

Greg Dent came to Florida State this weekend looking to have a good time while learning about the academic side of the school. He came in comfortable with his decision to commit in November to the Seminoles, thus the visit was just to tie up any loose ends with his recruitment.

Dent told NoleDigest that the visit for him was great. Between the support, the family feel and the overall comfort he said the visit was as good as it could be.

"The visit was great and I enjoyed every bit of it," said Dent of his official. "I really liked how the coaches and players so much love and how they are ready and willing to help you succeed in college. I saw how all of the players are one big family and that none are really alone there."

Since his commitment there've been questions whether he'd play on offense as a wide receiver or on defense as a safety. On the visit it looks like as Dent got some clearance on where the coaches want him to play when he gets to FSU.

"The coaches showed me how the freshman schedule is as a football player there," said Dent. "I met with all of the coaches and they were saying how they were happy for me that I am coming there and joining the FSU family. They said they need playmakers like me."

"Coach Fisher told me he needs me to be an impact player for them on special teams and on offense for them," continued Dent. "He feels I can come in and make an impact as a freshman. They see big things for me. The hardest thing for me is going to be getting the playbook down pat. I am excited to be playing in that offense because I think I can make big plays for them."

Dent got to see the academic support the players get and he saw the things that make him comfortable with his decision. He says the visit was near perfect.

"I'd say the visit was a 9 only because I didn't do anything last night," said Dent. "But I had a good time and loved it there."

Dent plans on finishing the basketball season for Belle Glade and then working out to get ready for summer workouts at FSU.

As a senior Dent had 54 catches for 1,387 yards and 14 touchdowns.

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