Haggins Ready to Bring FSU Back

Jarred Haggins made his official visit to Florida State this weekend. While there was nothing he needed to see to lock up his decision he wanted to enjoy a weekend with his future teammates. NoleDigest caught up with him Sunday evening to talk about his weekend.

Athlete Jarred Haggins came to Florida State this weekend for his official visit. While he's been to FSU on numerous occasions and seen everything involved with the program, Haggins wanted to get to Tallahassee for a good time and for the chance to hang out with his future teammates. He told NoleDigest that there was nothing he needed to see in particular, and that he came in to town just to get away from home for the weekend.

"The visit was pretty good," said Haggins. "The things they showed us I have pretty much seen before because I've been there several times. They showed us the academic stuff which was cool and we got to go to Coach Fisher's house which was nice. That was pretty fun. There wasn't anything I needed to see with the visit to confirm my decision. I pretty much just wanted to get away from the house and bond with my future teammates."

Haggins was hosted by wide receiver Taiwan Easterling. He says the two hung out most of the weekend and that they got along well.

"Taiwan was my host for the visit," said Haggins. "We got along pretty well. He is a cool, down to earth dude. We didn't do anything major as we hung out and went out some."

Haggins said that each recruit got some quality 1-on-1 time with Coach Fisher. Jarred says the coaches see him more as just an athlete; they see him as a legit football player.

"I got some time with Coach Fisher where we talked about me as a player," said Haggins of the conversation with FSU's new coach. "He was telling me how they not only see me as a good athlete but they see me as a good football player. They feel I can be good at any position I play and that they like my versatility."

"Right now I am coming in as a wide receiver but if I go there and see that the door is more open as a defensive back I will move there," continued Haggins. "I've felt that I have the capability to play on either side of the ball. Once I can focus on that one position I feel like I will be good at it. But to start off I will be a wide out. Coach Fisher did say that if I stay there he may slide me over into the wildcat some. I am all for that!"

Jarred came away impressed with the new coaching staff and the direction the program is heading.

"I think this is going to be a good staff they put together and I think things are coming along well there," said Haggins. "We have a top flight class coming together so basically we are on our way back."

Other programs have been making a push for Haggins but he is pretty much done with the process.

"I'm pretty much done now," Haggins said of his recruitment. "If something happens and comes up I may visit a school but honestly I am not looking anywhere else."

As a senior Haggins played quarterback for Lakeland, amassing over 1,200 yards passing for 15 touchdowns and rushing for over 500 yards and a few more scores.

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