Jacobs Comfortable with FSU

Damien Jacobs' visit to Florida State from all accounts was a good one. He spoke to NoleDigest about the visit and the direction the program is heading.

Damien Jacobs was in Tallahassee last weekend for his official visit to Florida State. Jacobs told NoleDigest that the visit was good and that he got a chance to really spend a good amount of time with the coaches, especially his future position coach Odell Haggins.

"The visit was good," said Jacobs. "I got the chance to talk to the players about how it is there and I got the chance to spend time with Coach Haggins. They players I talked to said Coach Haggins is tough at first but that you're going to be coached up hard by him."

"Coach was telling me that he needs 2 of 3 freshmen to come in and play early," continued Jacobs. "He didn't say any names but said that it is up to us who comes in and works hard and is ready. I am excited because I want to play early. It's exciting to have that opportunity."

Jacobs was hosted by defensive lineman Everett Dawkins over the weekend. Damien said he wanted to see what FSU was like in the eyes of the players.

"Everett was my host and he was pretty cool," explained Jacobs. "We hung out and talked about how it is there. He gave me the real deal. The coaches' job is to sell what they can do, but the players know. From what Everette told me and what the coaches have said it is similar. I liked that."

Jacobs got his alone time with Coach Fisher like all of the other recruits in town over the weekend, but it was how the new head coach was everywhere that pleased the 3-star defensive tackle.

"The one thing that caught my eye was Coach Fisher's interaction with us," said Jacobs. "He was around everywhere and made us feel welcome. The others visits I have made are hardly like that; you don't see head coaches everywhere like that."

Jacobs feels good about FSU and says something crazy would have to happen for him not to sign with the Seminoles on Signing Day. He is making an official to Arizona this weekend, but that should be his last visit before February 3rd.

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