Terrell Committed but Torn

Linebacker Nigel Terrell has been back and forth on his commitment to FSU over the past month. Last weekend he was in town for his official visit. Did the official secure his decision?

Nigel Terrell has been a Seminole commitment since the summer, but to say he has been firm since would be stretching the truth a bit. While he has remained soft in his commitment he has fielded interest from other schools like Arkansas, Colorado and Ole Miss among others.

He has taken an official to Colorado already and on Sunday they were at his house for an in-home visit after he got back from his Florida State official. He spoke to NoleDigest right after the visit from the Buffalo coaches.

"I actually just got done with an in-home visit with Colorado," said Terrell. "They were asking me if I was sticking with FSU and how I feel about their school. I told them that I wasn't sure yet about what I was going to do. They gave my mom a presentation about the school and all of that."

Coming into the visit Terrell told NoleDigest in an update that he was looking for that family feel he found when he initially committed to the Seminoles. Did he find that?

"I got the family feel I was looking for," Terrell said, "and I got to relax and hang out with the players and the coaches. I got to see what they were like other than football. They are a great group of guys. I felt comfortable with it."

The visit was action packed for Nigel. He got the chance to meet and speak to new linebacker coach Greg Hudson on the visit as well.

"Saturday was so long," said Terrell. "I sat down with the coaches and players about what it was like to be a student and player there."

"I spoke to Coach Hudson too," continued Terrell. "He is a cool guy and he seems pretty family oriented and close to God which my family really likes. He seems like he'll take care of his players and is straight forward. He'll push you but he won't be a jerk about it. While we didn't talk about specifics he did talk to be about what he is looking for as far as expectations from his players."

Terrell said Coach Fisher spent a good amount of time with him and his family as they talked about the direction the program is heading.

"Coach Fisher mainly talked to my mom about what type of program he is going to run," said Terrell. "He wants to keep some of the things that Coach Bowden did but he wants to make it more of a family feel. He wants his players to connect more and how the players he is recruiting have more guidance and the potential to play. He didn't promise me anything as he told me it is on me whether I play or not. I respect that be cause he is not telling me what I want to hear and he is being straight up."

Academically Nigel still has work to do in the classroom but he feels like he'll achieve the goal of qualifying.

"A few things need to sharpen up but I am going to be eligible," stated Terrell. "My GPA is borderline right now and that is what's holding me back. I need to add a few more core classes then I will be there."

Nigel's decision is going to come down to FSU and Colorado. He says a final decision should come this week.

"With FSU and Colorado I think they are a push academically and as a player I think they are equal in what I can do as a player," explained Terrell of his decision. "That's what's making this so hard. Both are good places with good academic support. I am just going to have to pray on it."

Since this update was done Terrell had an in-home with FSU. There is still no word on what he plans on doing.

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