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TheTerritory chatted with FSU strength and conditioning coach Jon Jost prior to the start of conditioning drills last month. Well, the 'Noles have four sessions remaining before scattering for spring break. Jost updates the progress of FSU in this first of two parts. Here's what he had to say concerning embattled quarterback Chris Rix. "He (Rix) has been there every day and has worked very hard and has done what's asked. So, he's off to a good start. He needs to continue to do that," Jost said.

FSU strength and conditioning coach Jon Jost was a guest on The Sports Authorities today. The one-hour radio show is co-hosted by Jim Henry of TheTerritory and Steve Ellis of the Democrat. This is the first of two parts with Jost.

Opening Comments

"We have four training sessions left. We will go Wednesday and Friday of this week and Monday and Wednesday of next week. The players will then have an opportunity to get away for a week for a spring break and we will come back in time to start putting the pads back on.

Have you seen some changes in terms of attitude and work ethic?

"We have seen an improvement. A lot of it is the athletes have improved themselves and it started really before our offseason conditioning program started. We played on the (Jan.) first and we're back in Tallahassee on the second, school starts the sixth and on the 13th we had a team meeting. It was discussed in that team meeting. We started lifting on the 14th and we've been lifting four times a week up until our offseason conditioning program started. Now we've cut it back a little a bit and the offseason conditioning is bright and early, starting at 5:45 in the morning. We have seen - in my opinion - there has been an improvement in the work ethic and the discipline and players doing what's asked and what is right."

Are there some leaders emerging?

"There have been. We have a list of guys who have done an outstanding job with leadership and their work ethic. Rufus Brown has done a really good job. Kyler Hall, (Joey) Kaleikini, even young guys like (Lorenzo) Booker have stepped it up and done a really, really good job. Willie Reid, Dominic Robinson has done really well. Paul Irons has done a good job. (A.J.) Nicholson has really done a good job. Even a young guy like (Kamerion) Wimbley, a guy I think who will really emerge and start being a little bit of a leader. Not everyone is vocal. That doesn't meet everyone's personality but everyone can lead by example and we are probably seeing more of that now than vocal leaders. I think the vocal leaders will emerge once practice starts. When it's bright and early in the morning, a lot of people just worry about themselves and their work ethic and doing what's right themselves. I think once practice starts we will see some more leaders emerge as far as vocally."

Talk about the progress of Chris Rix.

"He has been there every day and has worked very hard and has done what's asked. So, he's off to a good start. He needs to continue to do that. He needs to have an outstanding offseason, not only for him physically but to develop those relationships and that repoire and win back that leadership role he has to have being a quarterback. It's something that's going to be critical for us."

Have you seen that?

"Again, it's premature to say, 'Yeah, he's back on top and he's the leader of this team.' That's something that is going to take time. He has taken the initial step and has done a good job. But that's something, like I said, need to continue for the entire offseason, through spring ball and through the summer program. He needs to be a leader this entire offseason, through the summer and go into two-a-days having done everything right for a whole year."

You have had a number of players who had surgery. Can you talk about these players?

"We see everybody (injured), both in the mornings for offseason conditioning and in the weight room, whether they are 100 percent or an individual in the healing process. Kendyll Pope is one of the people we really need to have as a leader. Unfortunately, we have quite a list of players that right now are not able to go through everything. Like I said, they are still here, every day every morning doing what they can do. Chris Davis is one of those. He's a young guy who is still in the healing process (knee) but has been doing very, very well. (Jeff) Womble is an older guy who is in the healing process with his Achilles, and he's been doing very well. He is a lot more limited than Chris. Chris, we are probably being a little conservative right now and he's pretty much able to do everything. Womble has a lot more limitations. Jerome Carter is another one of those. Fabian Walker is not able to do everything. We are hoping that he will be able to be go through spring ball. Standford Samuels is another person we really need to be a big leader. Is not really able to do everything with his shoulder. Greg Jones is another person. (Broderick) Bunkley is another one. Travis Johnson. Unfortunately, we have a long list of guys who are still in the healing process. But they are all doing a good job and being accountable and are making good progress."

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