Week 1 Stock Report

The first week of practice is just about complete as the Seminoles are now in full pads. As we did last year NoleDigest looks at the first week of practice and talks about who's performed well so far.

Florida State is about a week into spring practice as things are starting to pick up for the Seminoles. So far the spring has been going well for several players as the new coaches implement their schemes and make the changes in order to take this team to the next level.

As we did last spring NoleDigest will look at the past week and highlight the players who have stood out, as well as those who haven't had the spring some figured they'd have. While there are a ton of players having a good spring to date on both sides of the ball the first Stock Report is heavy on defense.

Stock Up:

1) Terrance Parks: Parks looks to have rebounded from the injuries during workouts and is having a stellar spring. Almost daily he is picking off passes as he had 3 in one practice alone. With the need to find 2 safeties to play major minutes and be forces Parks has looked as though he's taking his chance and is running with it. He is looking like a true playmaker at safety.

2) Nigel Bradham: Nigel was expected to be a force for the defense but he has done much better this spring than expected. He has kept the momentum from the last half of 2009, and is soaking in the new coaching and scheme and is becoming a true force at linebacker. He is the team's hardest hitter, he is excelling in every facet of the game, and he is transforming into a leader.

3) Jarmon Fortson: We've heard for a few years now about the raw, natural ability that Jarmon has a wide receiver. Whether it's been the off-the-field stuff or just concentration Fortson hasn't been the consistent, true force he potentially can be. Just about everyone you talk to says Jarmon is getting it now. Forston is set for a great season in 2010.

4) Nigel Carr: NoleDigest talked last week about how Nigel's come out of workouts a different player. He is a great fit for what the coaches want to do on defense and he has been working hard. He is becoming a leader. There are some who feel there will be no step down from Dekoda Watson last year. While Bradham is getting the most pub at linebacker Carr has been great in his own right.

5) Henry Orelus: Henry is getting a lot of first team reps at left tackle with all of the injuries, but he has shown that he may be tough to knock out of that spot once Zebrie Sanders and Antwane Greenlee come back. It is very possible we could see Orelus slide inside once Sanders comes back, but Henry is turning into a hard-nosed force Trickett likes in his guys. He will push for a starting spot in the spring and into the summer and fall.

Honorable mention: Greg Reid, Lonnie Pryor, Jermaine Thomas, Anthony McCloud, Bert Reed and Everett Dawkins.

Stock Down:

This week there really have been no players who underperformed. After a full week of pads and a weekend scrimmage look for this to change.

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