Week 2 Stock Report

Over the past week Florida State has picked up the pace with spring practice, and over the weekend they held their first scrimmage. NoleDigest continues to look at the team in this week's Stock Report.

Week 2 of spring practice has been completed for Florida State and now we are just a few weeks away from the annual Garnet and Gold game. Over the past week the focus and intensity has been dialed up as the coaches have continued to apply new schemes and ideas to the team.

On Saturday the team held their first scrimmage, showing the progress both sides of the ball have made. In that game, and over the past week, several players have done very well while others haven't quiet done what has been expected of them. We look at those players here in the Week 2 Stock Report.

Stock Up:

1) Greg Reid: Some may wonder how Reid's stock could go up after having a good freshman season and by all accounts having a solid spring. Well, over the past week Greg has really turned it on and is reportedly becoming the cornerback people thought he was going to be. He is doing a great job in coverage and he has been picking up on the schemes quicker than others. In practice he has challenged the offense and the coaches, including Coach Fisher, to come at him and try to make plays on him. When they come his way Greg either breaks up the pass or picks it off. Reid has a lot of swagger and it is starting to translate to success on the field.

2) Vince Williams: Vince is healthy and he showed in the first scrimmage that he can be a true run stopper from his linebacker position. Throughout the first few weeks of spring Williams has been cross-training at linebacker in order to get on the field more and add depth to the unit. He's been the best run-stopper (he has been "hell on wheels stopping the run" is what we've been told) at linebacker so far and he is not afraid to hit someone. As long as he stays healthy Williams should be able to his spot in the rotation this spring.

3) Brandon Jenkins: Based off of the spring's first scrimmage Jenkins looks like he has what it takes to be a true pass-rusher for the ‘Noles. He's been the best overall pass rusher over the first few weeks. 3 ½ sacks has caught a lot of people's attention.

Others who've seen their stock go up:

1) Anthony McCloud: He's been doing a good job clogging the lanes and is developing into a potential starter for the defense.

2) Everett Dawkins: Dawkins has been one of the few defensive linemen to garner praise from Coach Fisher over the past week. He's been getting a lot of reps at defensive tackle and he's been doing a good job getting into the backfield. He has also shown the ability to chase down plays and get up the field to make tackles.

3) Dan Hicks: He flat dominated Rhonne Sanderson and Henry Orelus over the past week and he is starting to create turnovers when he is in.

4) Justin Bright: Bright has been a guy fans wonder if he'd ever contribute but he is showing the knowledge of the scheme and the ability to make plays. He made a few tackles in the scrimmage, but at the start of the week he started seeing time with the 1's and 2's with Nick Moody being sick. He's created turnovers picking off a few passes and he has been inserted into the dime package as an extra safety. He's been playing strong, free and nickel.

Stock Down:

1) Henry Orelus: After being in the stock up category last week Henry has really struggled over the past week as practice has picked up. While he may be playing out of position as a tackle, Henry has lacked focus and is making some plays that have drawn the ire of the coaching staff.

2) David Spurlock: The entire right side of the offensive line can be listed here as they just haven't been as strong as Coach Fisher and Trickett had hoped. The 2 year starter hasn't been strong in pass protection as he's been beaten several times.

3) Debrale Smiley: It's not that Debrale hasn't done a good job as much as he hasn't shown the power many thought he had coming in. Other backs are running harder right now and playing better. Debrale needs to continue to work on his balance, too. He doesn't necessarily fall when hit initially get hit but he will often lean too much losing his momentum, resulting in the end of the play.

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