FSU 2011 Offensive Recruiting

Today's de-commitment of Lonnie Gosha finally put the breaks on FSU 2011 recruiting. Still with 11 early commitments, FSU is off to one of the fastest starts in the country, NoleDigest.com takes a look at the individual offensive positions and potential targets down the road.


FSU has secured a QB in each of the last three classes, while some might not perceive 2011 as being that important, that is how you get in trouble. Yes, E.J. Manuel is the starter for the 2011 and 2012 seasons, but it is still necessary to bring another arm or at least athlete into the fold. Two sport, Georgia star, Nick Marshall would seemingly be an ideal fit, he would have time to develop as a QB behind Manuel, and bring different intangibles to the table than Clint Trickett. In-state it is not a spectacular year at the QB position, one player who has an offer is Chaminade's Jerrard Randall. Right now that appears to be an uphill battle, making matters worse is that he is openly pro-UF and is waiting on that offer. QB recruiting is often difficult to predict, he is worth keeping an eye on. Nationally a few QBs are on the radar, more will be known about their interest in the ensuing months. Similar to last year, we expect a few new names to emerge during the Spring and for those QBs to get a chance to shine at Seminole Showtime and other FSU camps.

Prediction: FSU lands one, Marshall is an ideal fit.


Debrale Smiley has three years to play, but that still means he is an upper classmen when the 2011 recruits will arrive. Both Chris Thompson and Lonnie Pryor are likely juniors as well(unless one redshirts in 2010). Essentially FSU signed '3' in 2009. The number is certainly two here for 2011 and Eric Beverly is the first one committed. Beverly is a bigger type back who should flourish between the tackles. If a national recruit like Isaiah Crowell or Savon Huggins wanted to jump on board, that would quickly end this discussion. Both are tough pulls. In-state Marlin Lane has that combination of size, speed, and elite feet, however FSU might want to wait and see how he recovers from his knee injury. Lane is currently committed to Clemson(but so was Davis), so his interest level in FSU is questionable. Two smaller backs in-state could be a nice complements to Beverly, Cocoa's Chevelle Buie and South Broward's Kevin Grooms. Many feel Grooms is a CB at the next level. Buie's size is a concern, but he is amazingly consistent and showed up big in the state title game. A home run would be Charlotte's Mike Bellamy, FSU is on the outside looking in at this time, but he is the game-breaker in-state at the RB spot. A player like Apopka's Tom Smith could see increased interest down the road, he is a 6'0, over 200 pound back, if he shows he has enough speed, the interest level could rise.

Prediction: FSU will walk with at least two RBs, there are plenty of options for the second spot, stay tuned.

Wide Receiver

FSU knocked out the top WR class in the country last year with Christian Green, Kenny Shaw, DeJoshua Johnson, and Greg Dent. The number might be one, but it could easily be zero because they could use the spot elsewhere. Landing one of three in-state targets, Rashad Greene, Ja'Juan Story, or Kelvin Benjamin(or other national target) should be seen as getting the job done. Some players will inevitably emerge here as well, FSU might be in position to nab the 'riser' from senior year ala Greg Dent last year.

Prediction: Hard to tell, we don't think they turn any of their offered players away, it remains to be seen how aggressively they pursue the position. Pencil in one.

Tight End

FSU landed two players in 2010. They would still like to bring one in for 2011 and continue to build depth. Benjamin could fit here as an offensive weapon or they could go big and get a guy who is physical blocker. Nick O'Leary or Jay Rome would be a home run, but the Noles are on the outside looking in. There are a number of intriguing players for this position around the state this year.

Prediction: FSU lands one here.

Offensive Line

One of the biggest needs for FSU this year is bringing in a class of 5-6 offensive linemen. Deland's Trey Pettis and Navarre's Sterling Lovelady are two interior prospects and a good place to start. FSU would do cartwheels to walk with Jordan Prestwood, Errin Joe, Max Lang, and Bobby Hart. It is possible that as of today, the Noles lead for all four. It would be an amazing haul and would quickly eradicate any depth chart problems that currently exist. Prestwood could be the big TE referenced above. Other in-state targets are Zach DeBell, James Elliot, and Kaleb Johnson. Coach Trickett is usually good for a finding at least one 'diamond in the rough' nationally so that is certainly another good possibility as well.

Prediction: FSU walks with six offensive linemen.

Overall Offense

FSU landed some premier WRs in 2010 with a couple of athletic TEs, the focus is clearly on the OL for 2011. OT is the need right now and the Noles look good for the state's best. It is hard to see FSU not filling their needs there at this time. Beverly takes some pressure off the RB spot. Landing a top tier QB this year can put this class over the top. It is very early in the recruiting cycle, but the Noles appear to be on top of things offensively.

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