The 11: Where They are Ranked

Everyone knows that FSU is off to a fast start in the 2011 class, but are they bringing in the right recruits? Do they fit the system? Where are they perceived to be ranked by Here is an early look at the committed players.

Without further ado, let's break down the FSU commits.

DT Derrick Mitchell

What we know: He attended the UnderArmour combine in Jacksonville. He checked in at 6'5.5, 290. 5.2 40 yard dash. 4.87 shuttle. 7.99 3-cone. 27 inch vertical. These are outstanding numbers.

Where he is ranked: between #15-30 in the state.

More Value to FSU? Probably not as this guy's size puts him in the elite category in terms of measurables not only in the state, but nationally.

Can he move up? Absolutely, the one knock on Mitchell is that despite being a stand out, he can do more, he can dominate. In the old days, that was what senior year was for, we like those days. First Coast looks to be like one of the most talented teams in the state, things are set up for a big senior year.

CB Keelin Smith

What we know: Smith surprisingly did not attend any combines, but we have seen him 6-7 times over the last few years and he is all of 6'2, 180ish as of the Nike Camp in Miami two weeks ago.

Where he is ranked: #25-40 in the state.

More Value to FSU?: Probably not. He is the big CB that every school is looking for, his size is elite.

Can he move up? Certainly, we are a little higher on him than most at this time. I don't see any issue with him at CB going forward. He can play it. He will need to be protected a little with Safety help deep, but you simply don't get a lot of these types to work with. He appears to want to compete, work, and improve.

DB Cortez Davis

What we know: Davis is at least 6'3, perhaps 6'4, he needs to continue to get stronger and add weight to a great frame.

Where he is ranked: #30-45 in the state.

More Value to FSU? A little considering the need at DB, but 6'3+ athletes that can run are coveted on the recruiting trail.

Can he move up? Yes, the more versatility he shows the better off he will be. If he proves that be can play CB, he could skyrocket up the rankings. He had two Purdue signees at WR in front of him(O.J. Ross and Chevin Davis), he could flourish offensively as well.

S Karlos Williams

What we know: Williams entered the radar as a freshmen because of his brother, Vince. He is 6'0+ and around 200 pounds as of the Tampa 7on7.

Where he is ranked: #35-55 in the state.

More Value to FSU? A little considering his quality size and athleticism. He might grow into a LB down the road so he potentially helps at two different spots.

Can he move up? Absolutely. He needs to show more range as a Safety.

DT Nile Lawrence-Stample

What we know: He attended the UA combine in Miami. He checked in at 6'1, 297. He ran a 4.9 40 and a 5.04 shuttle.

Where he is ranked: #50-70 in the state.

More Value to FSU? Slightly. The 6'1 is not ideal, but it is important that is 'official'. Meaning he IS 6'1. He'll get an inch or two. The 297 is quite amazing considering what he played last year. Miami found a kid last year from a similar area(OT Jon Feliciano)---school that does not typically produce talent, let alone high end talent and they got a steal. FSU did the same thing this year.

Can he move up? The height will hold him back some, this might be higher than others, we really like his athleticism.

S Lamarcus Brutus

What we know: 6'0, 180. Again, no combine, but Brutus has been to many events over the years.

What he is ranked: #50-70 in the state.

More value to FSU? Perhaps. His versatility is something that FSU can use. Another bigger DB who will get a look at CB.

Can he move up? He could if he played predominantly CB as a senior, we don't expect that to happen. FSU fans will have to wait until he lines up in Tallahassee to see what they have in Brutus in terms of CB. He is a very intriguing player at that spot. No question he can be a quality safety.

RB Eric Beverly

What we know: He did not get a height and weight at the UA Jacksonville combine. He ran a 4.94 40, 4.19 shuttle, 32 inch vertical, and 9'5'' broad jump. The 40 time is a little alarming, but the lack of home run gear shows up on film. On the flip-side the other numbers are outstanding for a 205+ pound RB. He is 5'10ish in height.

What he will be ranked: #55-80 in the state.

More Value to FSU? The answer should be yes. This is a big back, one that can run between the tackles and pound on defenses. He does not fit a lot of the spread schemes quite as well. Coach Gran values complete backs, ones who can block, ones who can get tough yards, Beverly is one those.

Can he move up? Like team mate Mitchell, Beverly is on a loaded First Coast team, they could make a deep playoff run next year which will put many eyes on the feature back. He would need to show some more pure speed.

C Sterling Lovelady

What we know: We have heard nothing but good things, but have not seen Mr. Lovelady yet. That will happen very soon. He is listed in the 6'2-6'3 range and appears that way on film.

What he will be ranked: Obviously incomplete at this point, but somewhere between 75-100 in the state.

More value to FSU: Absolutely considering the need on the OL in terms of numbers. Coach Trickett has a good eye for talent, they scooped Lovelady up quickly.

Can he move up? Absolutely, he is somewhat of an unknown at this time.

OL Trey Pettis

What we know: We watched Trey in the state title game. He is 6'4, 280ish.

Where he will be ranked: #85-110 in the state.

More value to FSU: Yes, he was an early commitment at a position of need.

Can he move up? In our eyes as much as anyone on this list. He is a young prospect for his school year and has a ways to go physically. He could make a dramatic move his senior year.

S Tyler Hunter

What we know: Was 6'0, 198 at a combine a year ago. Reportedly up to 205.

Where he will be ranked: #32 player in Georgia on Chad Simmons "Top 50" in Georgia list.

More value to FSU: Absolutely. FSU lands another player from the talent rich Valdosta area. He has the measurables that FSU should be looking for.

Can he move up? He is going to have show that he can be an elite DB at the next level.

LB Terrance Smith

What we know: Listed at 6'3, 212. Smith has an impressive offer list.

Where he will be ranked: #18 on Chad Simmons "Top 50" in Georgia list.

More value to FSU? FSU went into the Atlanta area for Smith and he is a terrific pull, that recruiting effort was spearheaded by Coach Craig. He is an OLB who could also situationally be a rush end. He could perhaps grow into a full-time DE.

Can he move up? Chad Simmons thinks so. He just needs to continue developing as a player.

Overall Analysis

Where are the big timers? They tend to be later commits. Jeff Luc, Lamarcus Joyner, Christian Green, and Christian Jones all took their time with the recruiting process. That is the way it typically works.

Who are the big timers? Players like Nick Marshall, Savon Huggins, Isaiah Crowell, Ray Drew, Tony Steward, Max Lang, Marlin Lane, Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix, Aaron Lynch, Tim Jernigan, Ryan Shazier, Kevin Grooms, Rashad Greene, Lonnie Gosha amongst others appear to headline that list.

Will FSU have enough room? The numbers situation always seems to work itself out in the end. On paper, it does not appear that there is a lot of room left, but things change. While these 11 commits all say they are solid, you never really know, 1-2 may de-commit at some point. It becomes worthy discussion when FSU gets to 16-18 commits.

Best things about this class so far? There is a lot of size with the DBs. All are 6'0 or better. Physical players.

Priorities? Defensive End.

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