Six Pack of Thoughts

Some rumblings on the recruiting front as we enter the Spring Evaluation period.

1. With seven coaches out on the road(no Coley, no Gran), the news is not all good, particularly out of South Georgia. Ray Drew is becoming a more difficult pull as Georgia is making a run at the talented DE. This is not completely unexpected, but it strikes at a position that FSU really needs to land some stud prospects---Defensive End. A lot can happen and Drew is expected to take his time with the process, but FSU is going to need to knock his proverbial socks off at some point.

Look for FSU to possibly turn to Dade County here and go after Anthony Rabasa and Ricardo Williams. Keep an eye on Chris Terry II over at First Coast, he did not play as a junior, but the 6'4, 235 pounder is committed to the game going forward. Deon Lee from nearby Defuniak Springs Walton is also a player who has been in contact with the good guys. Brandon Fulse is another player that could factor in here as well. Also see #4.

2. A wide range of rumors are being reported with regards to Nick Marshall. The rumors center on his desire to play basketball at Georgia. While they have not been confirmed by the player, we consider our sources in the area to be on top of the situation, and there IS a lot of truth here. Marshall is clearly more than a little confused and seems to be tiring of the process, we may not have to wait long for an answer.

Marshall is an excellent fit in this recruiting class because of his skill set, he would be a big 'loss'. Not sure where we turn if this should end badly, but clearly we will want to pursue other QBs.

On a positive note, we feel there is a pretty good shot that this still ends well for us, but it clearly is going to be a restless few weeks as Marshall is not real talkative right now.

3. Rashad Greene remains a major priority for the 'Noles and we clearly are in the driver seat. Greene, originally from Georgia, still needs to think some things through and he has some interest in Georgia, Florida, and Miami, but we expect to secure this commitment sooner rather than later. This would be a big time pull as Greene is widely regarded as a top 2 WR in Florida.

4. While it has been quiet for Aaron Lynch, we understand that things are starting to become clearer. Lynch has told UF to take a hike already, and is starting to lean in-state. That puts FSU and Miami in the driver's seat, with an outside shot for USF. Notre Dame, Iowa, Georgia, and Clemson are out of state schools with a fighting chance. Getting Lynch to campus again would go a long way for the 'Noles. Lynch is 6'6, 253 today and possesses as much upside as any player in the state.

5. As we reported weeks ago, Calvin Pryor is a major priority, he received Mark Stoops at his school yesterday and things clearly went well for Pryor. We will have more on him later this evening. At this point, you can write him into your class projections, in pencil for now.

6. We have remained very, very skeptical at the chances of landing stud TE Nick O'Leary from Dwyer. While this clearly will be a long, uphill battle, there is a better chance at ultimately landing O'Leary than many think. We think his top four are FSU, Miami, UF, and Georgia. While he attends a very pro-UF high school in Dwyer, FSU did turn Matt Elam last year only to lose him again at the 11th hour. We think that Kelvin Benjamin, Nick O'Leary, and A.C. Leonard end up at different schools that are known as the "Big 3". With Leonard committed to UF, Benjamin a slight lean to Miami, that might help push O'Leary to FSU. O'Leary is clearly the top prospect of the three and the best pure TE of the group. With Coach Coley on the case, we like our chances that much more. This one will get very interesting down the road.

Bonus: Congrats to the baseball team which sent a deflated Miami team home with two walk off losses this weekend. Timely hitting will be the key to the run to Omaha.

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