2010 Signee Spotlight: Terrence Brooks

Over the next few weeks NoleDigest will be catching up with 2010 signees as they're weeks away from arriving for summer workouts. In this installment we talk to Terrence Brooks about what he's been up to since Signing Day, and among other things what his expectations are as a freshman.

Terrence Brooks has been busy preparing himself for summer workouts and what he thinks will be a freshman season full of playing time. Right now he's wrapping up his senior year. He says he is looking forward to the next phase of his life at Florida State.

"I'm just trying to enjoy the last bit of my senior year that I have," Brooks said, "and I am really working hard in the weight room. I can't wait to get to FSU. It's getting close; I'm just working hard so I can prove a lot of people wrong."

Terrence says that he has been putting in a lot of work in getting ready for summer workouts at FSU. He says the work has been paying off.

"The workouts are going well," said Brooks. "It was hard at first getting used to working out by myself but I am getting used to it. I've been doing more conditioning now to get ready for workouts. I've been able to pack on the pounds since I started. I was 165 when I started and now I am 176. My target weight is 180."

Brooks was recruited as a cornerback for the Seminoles and he plans on coming in at that spot. He was up in Tallahassee for the annual Garnet and Gold game last month to check out the progress of the defense. He says he is excited to get up there because he saw a lot of opportunity to play early.

"I am coming in as a cornerback still and I think I can come in and do some good work there," said Brooks. "I'm very competitive and I am coming in to take some spots. I've played a lot of positions so I am excited to get to play one thing. I am 6' tall now and feel I have good size to help them."

"When I was at the spring game I watched the defense and the way the corners played," continued Brooks. "I was happy with what I saw. I see an opportunity to play. I liked the defense. FSU is known for defense and it looks like they are getting back to that. The players are really excited and you can see the urgency from the players. I really do want to play next year and accomplish some of my goals. I think I can help them out. This class we have coming in is a good class. It's going to be totally different."

Dunnellon is a small town in Florida that not a lot of people are familiar with. Terrence says that fact provides him some motivation to prove that he's as good a player as others from bigger towns.

"A lot of 5-star kids get noticed because they are seen more and they are from bigger areas," said Brooks. "Not a lot of people knew about me last year so I didn't get the pub that the others did. I come from a small town but I want to prove at FSU that I can compete and play football. I'm ready to get there and try my hardest."

Quick Notes:

Qualification Status: Terrence told NoleDigest that he scored an 18 on the ACT on his first attempt. There is a possibility that he may have to take some summer classes. He doesn't foresee any chance of him not qualifying.

Roommate: Not sure yet. He would like to room with Lamarcus Joyner.

Number: He isn't sure yet but he wants something in the 20s.

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