2010 Signee Spotlight: Cameron Erving

Over the next few weeks NoleDigest will be catching up with 2010 signees as they're weeks away from arriving for summer workouts. In this installment Cameron Erving talks about the workouts he's been doing and what he expects his first year at Florida State.

Cameron Erving committed to Florida State in March of 2009, but the commitment didn't come out until the fall. A year later, Erving is getting ready to arrive at FSU for summer workouts. Cameron told NoleDigest he has been hitting the weight room hard since Signing Day while participating in track for Colquitt Co.

"I've pretty much been working out, and track just actually finished up," said the defensive tackle. "I threw the shot put and discus. It was my first year doing it and I did pretty well. I qualified for regionals but missed out on states. I've been working hard and I am ready to go at FSU."

While the 2010 signees haven't gotten the full experience of new strength and conditioning Coach Vic Viloria's plan yet, they have been working on strength and explosiveness. Erving says he has heard the program is strict, but he is looking forward to getting deep into it.

"I've heard the workouts are pretty strict," said Erving. "What we've been doing was hard at first but it's nothing I can't handle. I have to do it; I have to follow through with it. I've done what they've wanted me to do so far. I know they have a strict nutritional plan and I like that. I think I will benefit from that a lot."

Erving says he's seen improvements in his workouts numbers.

"I've always been a person that isn't going to put on a lot of muscle," Erving said, "but I have definitely gotten stronger. Everything I have been doing has gone up. My bench has gone up 10 pounds to like 335. That has always been hard because I have long arms. I haven't been able to hit squats hard because of a hamstring, but I'm making sure I do the proper movements. My power clean was at 300, but I was messing around the other day and got 325 pounds. The clean and squats are what I have focused on so far."

While Erving was an All-State player as a senior there's been some debate on just how ready he is for FSU. Some feel he needs a redshirt, while others think he can play as a freshman. Erving sees both sides of the coin.

"People keep asking me if I am going to redshirt my first year," Erving said, "but one of my goals is to play as a freshman. I wouldn't mind if I had to (redshirt) so I can get used to the program, but from talking to Coach Haggins and the other coaches it is not expected. As long as I come in in-shape and ready I am going to play next year. I'm excited and ready to go. I am very competitive and I want to show what I have as a player."

Cameron was at the spring game last month. He got a chance to check out the new scheme the defense will be playing. He told NoleDigest he liked what he saw from the defensive line.

"The defense looked good overall," said Erving. "I think all we need now is more depth. When our class comes in this year I think we will bring that to the team. During the game I could see the guys were getting tired. But overall you could see that the guys had been working on those little things with the coaches."

"I feel the scheme is something that I can play in," continued Erving. "Coach Stoops lets his guys get inside and go and that is something I can do. It's assignment football. When I can I want to take a ride down to Tallahassee so I can get some film work in. I want to learn as much about the defense as I can so I can be ready. In high school the plays were easy to learn because it was one base. In college there will be a lot more stuff for me to learn."

Quick Notes:

Qualification status: Erving is clear to go. He said he had some difficulty with a biology class but that is not the case anymore. "I got it done," said Erving.

Roommate: "I asked Damien Jacobs about rooming together because he wanted to room together because he wanted to room with another defensive tackle. He said that sounded like a plan."

Number: "I haven't thought about the number yet, but when I was there for the spring game I saw my number 93 wasn't available. The other one I liked, 96, is taken too. I'm feeling 91 a little bit so if it is there it'll probably be that.

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