2010 Signee Spotlight: Björn Werner

Over the next few weeks NoleDigest will be catching up with 2010 signees as they're weeks away from arriving for summer workouts. In this installment Bjoern Werner talks about working out, as well as his excitement about coming to Florida State.

Bjoern Werner was a player at a major position of need for Florida State in the 2010 recruiting class. The big-time defensive end from the Salisbury School signed with the expectation that he would more than likely see time as a freshman in the fall. With summer workouts on the horizon Werner has been working hard preparing for his move to FSU as he gears up for the 2010 season.

"It's been nice and a little relaxing since Signing Day," said Werner. "I am focused right now on these workouts so I can get ready. Between conditioning and the workouts it's going well. The workouts have been fun and I have always been motivated. Now I am just getting these down so the summer is easy for me."

While Werner has adjusted well to the workouts there is one thing that shocked him, that being the number of 110's the coaches have him running.

"The lifting has been Olympic type stuff and it's been really helpful," explained Werner. "The running, now that was a shock. When I saw 60 110's I was shocked. They've been getting easier."

Coach Coley and Coach Eliot at FSU have been the 2 coaches that have stayed in constant contact with the 2010 signee. The plan for him to come in and compete right away has been among the topics of conversation.

"We've talked about spring ball and that went well," said Werner. "It's been positive. They cannot wait for me to come down there and get going. I have to prove myself starting this summer that I can be the guy they need me to be. I plan on getting the playing time, but it's up to me to get adjusted and get used to what the coaches want. I am going to be positive and give the coaches my best everyday and during every practice."

One major tidbit for Bjoern is that he recently got married to his longtime girlfriend during his spring break. He told NoleDigest that is something that will keep him focused and grounded at FSU.

"We kind of planned it for when I was in Germany for spring break," said Werner of getting married. "We're totally happy. I am just excited to get down to Tallahassee and start living my life. She is really excited and she cannot wait. She is till in Germany right now but she'll be coming over in the summer. Having her there will help keep me focused."

Bjoern has been scouring through different websites reading post-spring reports about the Seminoles. Media outlets across the nation feel the 2010 season for FSU hinders on the play of the defense. That is something that Werner gets motivation from.

"I'm ready to get there and help with the changes with the defense," explained Werner. "The coaches now have a different style and that has brought a different feeling. We are going to be a good defense and it is going to be a lot of fun proving all of these websites wrong. I know I'm young and all but I am motivated to come in and play and contribute right away. There is motivation at FSU to not have a season like last year where the defense struggled. The offense is going to be awesome."

Quick Notes:

Qualification status: There was some concern when Bjoern signed in February that his grades from Germany wouldn't transfer over. That is all cleared up and he is good to go. "I graduate May 28th. I am going to Germany for 3 weeks after then will arrive June 18th."

Roommate: His wife

Number: "I don't have a number yet. Coach Fisher said he wants all of his defensive linemen to be in the 90's so I will see what's left when I get there.

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