2010 Signee Spotlight: Nigel Terrell

Over the next few weeks NoleDigest will be catching up with 2010 signees as they're weeks away from arriving for summer workouts. This time we catch up with Alabama linebacker Nigel Terrell as he prepares to get ready to report next month.

Pelham linebacker Nigel Terrell was one of the more athletic linebackers in the south for the 2010 recruiting class. With excellent speed and lateral movement the former safety showed last year that he has a lot of potential when he gets to the next level.

Since Signing Day Nigel says he has been competing in track for his high school. While he wasn't able to win states like he wanted he says overall his team did well.

Nigel has a nice blend of size and speed.
Steven Atkinson, Scout.com

"I was running track for the past 3 months," explained Terrell. "I just missed making states in the 100 meter, but we made it for the 4x100 team. We didn't win but it was a good time and we did really well. I think the fastest time I ran this year was 11 flat."

Like all of the signees we've caught up with Terrell has been hitting the weigh program hard. He says it's been hard adding on weight because of track, but now that it's over he says he's been able to add on the healthy weight recently.

"I've been doing a lot of the stuff but it's been a little hard because I have been doing it myself," said Terrell. "It is similar to what I did at my school because my coach copied a lot of college weight programs. I've been trying to put on weight but it was hard because of track. I'm 212. The coaches haven't said much to me about what weight they want me at."

Nigel's had some work to do in the classroom in order to get qualified. Over the past several months he says he has hunkered down in order to report in the summer.

"Mainly Coach Haggins has been telling me to make sure I get my grades," explained Terrell. "I've sent in all of the stuff they need except the student health stuff so I will take care of that probably tomorrow. Academically I just to finish these next two weeks strong. It was the GPA and ACT I needed, but I recently got a 20 on the ACT so I have a little room with the GPA. I think I need to have a 2.2. Last year I really played around a lot and that messed me up a little bit, but now I have all A's and B's so I should be okay."

Nigel emphatically said he is ready to report to Florida State. He has some lofty goals as a freshman, but he feels if he works hard he can achieve them.

"I've been ready to go," said Terrell. "It has been going by so slowly. I'm coming in as a weak side linebacker. My goals as a freshman are to come in, take someone's spot, and start. I want to be a freshman All-American. I plan on out-working the person in front of me. I've just been mentally preparing myself for anything. As long as I am prepared I feel I can handle anything they throw at me."

Quick Notes

Qualification status: Should be okay, but it is going to be close.

Roommate: Telvin Smith. "We took our officials at the same time. He is doing really well."

Number: "I want number 26 but I think someone has that already. I'd like to stay in the 20's if possible."

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