Waisome Talks Top 7

Nick Waisome emerged this spring as the top cover corner in Florida for the 2011 recruiting class. As one of the nation's best cornerbacks this year schools from all over have been recruiting the South Lake High star. Sunday he released his top 7 schools. NoleDigest caught up with him to get the details and to talk about his recruitment.

South Lake High standout Nick Waisome has turned into one of the top players in Florida for this recruiting cycle. After dominating in combines Waisome showed the potential to be an elite cover corner on the next level.

Waisome has been planning to trim his list down to a top 7 once spring was over in order to make recruiting a little more manageable, as well as wanting to see what schools on his short list come after him harder. Now that spring came to an end a few days ago Nick has released his top 7 schools.

"I wanted to get the list down to 7 after my spring was over, and now that it is I decided to release the list," said Waisome. "I talked it over with my family after sitting down with them. The goal is to get it to a top 5 once the summer ends. With this list I want to see who comes after me harder now."

"Overall the spring went very well," continued Waisome. "A lot of coaches and a lot of different people came by to see me. The coaches like my back pedal and the way I cover. There were some schools that I was surprised that came by like USC and LSU, who later offered. West Virginia is now coming at me and so are a few others."

The list of schools is dominated by southern powers. Waisome told NoleDigest the reason they made the list is because of the relationship he has with the coaches and the fact these schools are recruiting him the hardest.

"My top 7 in no order is Georgia, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Louisville, South Carolina and Miami," explained Waisome. "Things could change in the following months. The reason these schools are on top for me is because the relationship I have with each school and how they're recruiting me the hardest. That's what it's about for me. Each of these schools has their good and bad things. I have to look at the relationships with the coaches and the lifestyle that each school has to offer me."

FSU has been recruiting Nick for some time and he says Coach Stoops has been by this spring. Waisome said that FSU will most likely get a camp visit this summer.

"With FSU Coach Stoops has been the one coming by practice," said Waisome. "He likes me a lot and says they really hope FSU will be the final choice for me and that they're very interested. I will probably go with a group of players from my school to camp there. I want to do some stuff at the camp and visit the campus when I am there."

The goal for Nick is to visit some out of state schools this summer so he can get his list to a final top 5 before the season starts. Nick says that list will be the schools he visits, and that a mid-season decision is expected because he plans on graduating early.

"I want to get it to a top 5 before the season," Waisome said, "and those will be the schools I take my officials to. I want to decide by mid season because I am graduating early. I've been set up to graduate early since the start of this year. I am taking an online class this summer, but I want to visit some out of state schools because I have been by the in-state schools. It's important to me that I graduate early because it will allow me the chance to get acclimated earlier and it will allow me the chance to come in and compete for early playing time."

Nick denies a leader at this time.

"There is no leader among the top 7 and all are about even," said Waisome. "I want to break these schools down and see who comes after me harder to get me."

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