Pryor Planning Summer Visits

Calvin Pryor has started making summer plans as he intends on heading out for some visits. NoleDigest caught up with Pryor to see where he intends on visiting, as well as to see where FSU stands at this time.

Calvin Pryor recently started setting up his plans for the summer as school is soon to wrap up for students across the country. Over the past few months Calvin has been focusing on playing baseball, which is a sport he hasn't played since he was a kid. He told NoleDigest the season was a success, and that he cannot wait until next year.

"This spring baseball went great," said the Port St. Joe star. "We were one game away from going to state. I will play again next year."

The fact he played baseball this spring took away just about all of his time from the gridiron and spring practice. Now that the summer is here Pryor plans on turning his attention back to football. While he isn't sure how many times he plans on heading out for visits Calvin knows of several schools he plans on visiting here over the next several weeks.

"Nothing really new has been going on," said Pryor. "I am just getting ready for summer so I can visit some campuses. My plan is to hit out of state schools first. I don't know if I will be making one or more tours but for now I am planning on visiting Louisville, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Clemson, Georgia and Georgia Tech. Those will be the schools I visit the first week out of town."

Florida State has been aggressively pursuing Pryor and they are a school that has caught Calvin's attention. He told NoleDigest that he does plan on swinging by the school in a little over a week as he'll be in town for a basketball camp.

"FSU has been staying in touch but they haven't been saying anything new really," explained Pryor of FSU's recruitment of him. "I plan on visiting them on the 11th of this month because I will be in town for a basketball camp there."

At one point FSU was thought to be Calvin's favorite. He claims that FSU has been pushing him to commit, but at this time he intends on keeping things open.

"FSU has been trying to get me to commit," said Pryor. "They want me really bad, and they've been saying if I wait there may not be any spots left soon. I want to keep my options open but they are still at the top; no one is really leading."

Look for more on Calvin after he visits FSU later this month.

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