2010 Signee Spotlight: Jarred Haggins

NoleDigest continues to catch up with signees from the 2010 recruiting class. In this installment we talk to Jarred Haggins. Is he still coming in as a receiver, or is he going to be playing on the defensive side of the ball in college?

Florida State's 2010 recruiting class is just a few weeks from reporting as the class will be arriving at FSU no later than June 20th. In this installment of the 2010 Signee Spotlight former Lakeland High star Jarred Haggins updates us on what he's been up to, which is mainly working out. Also, there's been a lot of debate on Seminole message boards on where Haggins will play on the next level. He addresses that as well.

Haggins, like the other recruits in his class, has dived into the workout plan given to him by the coaches after signing day. He told NoleDigest that is what he's been focusing on since National Signing Day.

"Mainly I've been working out," said Haggins. "That has been going pretty well. I've been lifting weights, running and working on my route running. When I was doing the camps last summer I played wide receiver so I have been able to pick back up on learning the routes. Sharpening them up has been the focus."

While it may seem he is sticking to offense because of working on his route running, Haggins says he is actually leaning towards playing defense in college.

"I was talking to Coach Dawsey after the spring game and he was telling me that they are ready to get me up there to compete," explained Haggins. "He said they need more receivers that can be ready to go. But right now I am actually leaning towards wanting to play defensive back when I get there. When I entered high school I came in wanting to play there, but I ended up playing quarterback. I will play wherever I can get on the field faster, but right now I'd like to play safety."

Jarred says the workouts have improved his strength and speed, but recently he says he's been battling a hamstring injury that has been forcing him to not work as hard as he was initially.

"At first when I was getting started I could see I was getting faster and getting stronger," said Haggins. "I'm 6'1" now and I got up to 190 pounds. I lost some of it but I am back to 187. I tweaked my hamstring a little bit ago and that has been bothering me some. I ran on it today and it still felt a little tight. I've been resting it, getting ready for FSU. If it's not good to go then I am sure they will get it right."

Jarred is very excited to get going at FSU with summer workouts. He expects them to be hard, but that is something he says he is looking forward to.

"I'm not taking the workouts as they're going to be really hard," Haggins said, "but I am going to be ready to go. The harder the better for me because I know that will make me even better as a player. At Lakeland our workouts are pretty tough so I think I will be prepared. I just have to see how it is when I get there."

Don't look for a redshirt for Haggins as the coaches have expressed to him they are ready to get him on the field.

"The coaches told me I won't be getting a redshirt and that I need to be ready to come in and earn a spot," said Haggins. "If something happens and I do (redshirt), I will look at it as an extra year to prepare. I'd sit back and learn. Not to be cocky or anything I will be playing by my second year there. I am coming there to play, and I am coming in to take someone's spot."

Quick Notes:

Qualification status: Haggins says he is fully qualified. "I am good to go. I graduate this Saturday. I can't wait. When I get there I will be starting summer school that Monday. I shouldn't have a problems getting up and going and getting adjusted. I am an early bird."

Roommate: Chad Abram. "We talked for the first time this week. We actually stay close together. We talked a little bit this week."

Number: "I want number 6 because it is the number I have been wearing since the first year I started playing football. I've always had it."

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