Seminoles Put Two in Second Round

It was not the night that Solomon Alabi was hoping for Thursday night, the 7'1 Center was selected in the second round, #50 overall by Dallas but was immediately dealt to Toronto.

When you make the decision to declare early for the draft it pretty much boils down to being selected in the first round, obviously that did not happen here.

On the flip side, the main reason for the fall in the draft was because of a physical exam administered in Chicago at the pre-draft camp. It is difficult to know exactly what the problem was and how it would have affected him if he returned for another year. Alabi lands in a good spot and will be given every opportunity to make the team. If he puts the work in, this will end up being one of the steals of the draft in a few years.

Alabi is going to have to make his living on the defensive end, his offensive game needs significant time.

While the news for Alabi was disappointing, Ryan Reid should be elated. He was not projected to be drafted by most experts, but he goes #57 to Indiana and then was immediately dealt to Oklahoma City.

Reid averaged 6.8 ppg and 4 rpg last year, so getting drafted was huge. The Thunder are looking for pieces to put around Kevin Durant and there is a chance that Reid can find a niche in the league. They thought enough about him to make a move to land him and that means something here.

Other Draft Thoughts

*Not sure how to feel on Kentucky's five first rounders....this is only an elite eight team with this talent? Coach Calipari, explain that.

*San Antonio's choice of James Anderson will be another in a long line of successful draft picks. Awesome shooter.

*They should change the name of the second round to "everyone grab a big guy".

*Because of the above a great four year college player like Sherron Collins goes undrafted. He will make a team.

*Wow, there were a lot of trades.

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