Dear Jarmon

There are only 56 days until FSU's first game of the season vs. Samford. write's a letter to 10 players that are expected to make the biggest impact in 2010. Today we continue with Jarmon Fortson.

Jarmon Fortson

Hometown: Columbus, Ga (Carver)

Position: Wide Receiver

Ht/Wt: 6'3, 230

Year: Junior

Stats: (2008) 8-137, 1 TD. (2009) 45-610, 4 TDs.

Dear Jarmon,

My man your time is right now. This should be a life altering year for you as all the pieces are in place for you to have a monster season. You have the tools to be special, a legit "go to" no. 1 WR who can make the big plays that are needed at the highest levels of college football.

With a big year we expect you to leave early for the NFL where your size, athleticism, and speed should be highly coveted. But first you need to show that you can CONSISTENTLY perform. No one doubts your ability, you showed plenty of flashes last season, but we need to see it every game.

Jarmon Fortson
Steve Chase,

You have perhaps the top QB in the country delivering the ball in an offense that is made for your skill set. With a terrific offensive line and what should be an improved running game, the other offensive pieces are in place to give you room to operate down the field.

Your time is right now because there are some studs coming up behind you who will be itching to take your spot by the end of the year. Showing them how to get it done both on and off the field will help build your legacy as a Nole; it is time you became a leader for this team.

We want to see you put the work in and accept the challenge. You are blessed with athletic gift's that have gotten you this far, but you have gone as far as you can go with them. College football history is littered with players who have not lived up their potential.......and every one of them regret it every day they are on this Earth. There is no reason for you to fall into that trap.

This should be a "fun" year for you, let your instincts take over. You are a huge mismatch for CBs, use your size to be a dominant blocker; use that size to create separation; use your speed to blow past safeties. Most importantly you have to want the ball in key situations, that is what makes a great wide receiver and we know you have it in you.

There is no next year, the situation is not nearly as clear. Sure E.J. Manuel looked great last year, but he will still have some growing pains and as mentioned players like Christian Green, Rodney Smith, Willie Haulstead, Kenny Shaw, and Greg Dent are going to be coming up behind you. There are no guarantee's.

We look forward to watching you this year and hopefully on Sunday for years to come. It is up to you my know what you are capable of, this is why you started to play the game in Pop Warner, this is why you came to FSU, put it all together and we are going to win some games, perhaps a lot of them. All of FSU nation is behind you.

2010 Prediction: 65-1,053, 10 TDs.

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