Dear Greg

There are only 53 days until FSU's first game of the season vs. Samford. write's a letter to 10 players that are expected to make the biggest impact in 2010. Today we continue with Greg Reid.

Greg Reid

Hometown: Valdosta, Ga (Lowndes)

Position: Cornerback

Ht/Wt: 5'9, 180

Year: Sophomore

Stats: (2009) 23 tackles, 2 interceptions, 21-387, 1 TD punt returns, 26-664 kickoff returns

Dear Greg,

We first had an opportunity to watch you at the UnderArmour game at the end of your senior year where you were one of the most dominant players on the field. You followed that up with an outstanding freshmen campaign last season.

Now is no time to get complacent, we would much prefer that you take your game to the next level this season. Despite your relative youth, you should be a leader in the secondary and clearly are going to be a player that we count on.

Greg Reid
Steve Chase,

College football is about improving each year and new DC/DBs coach Mark Stoops has a proven track record of developing high level DBs. Listen to him, be a sponge and soak up that coaching because there are areas you can improve. It looks like you will be starting opposite classmate Xavier Rhodes and what a terrific combo you can guys can be. You possess the quickness, speed, and athleticism to cover anyone while he brings size to the table on the other side.

We love your versatility and you will most likely be asked to play all over the field. Defensive back is one of the toughest spots on the field to play, it is about having a short memory, it is about competition, most importantly, it is about making plays. Well, that is what you are--a play-maker. You have to guard against suffering from a "sophomore slump"- many a great player has fallen into that trap. We simply can't afford that, there are too many questions behind you at Safety, you need to make those guys better.

You are not just a DB for this team, you have outstanding ability as a returner and we are going to need some points in that aspect as well. We hold our breath when you get the ball and there are TDs to be scored this season. Let your natural ability take over, your vision is outstanding, and pound for pound you are one tough "little" guy. We love that fearlessness. You know you strike fear into the opponent, you have a killer instinct, you are way ahead of the game, capitalize on that.

We know you can be a little "rambunctious" off the field, heck we like that too about you too. However, it is very important to stay the course and not do anything to de-rail your career nor hurt this university. There is a good chance with a great year that you are the face of the program in 2011. You know the great one's---Deion Sanders, Terrell Buckley, Clifton Abraham, Leroy Butler, Corey Sawyer--you can join this elite group by the time you leave this university.

Greg, your best days are clearly ahead of you. The question is if you are ready to accept the challenges that are presented, we think you are. By the end of the season we expect to see one of the top CBs in college football. It would be very fitting for a brash, play-making CB to remind me us of the "old days". Nothing would make Seminole Nation happier.

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