Dear Nigel

There are only 51 days until FSU's first game of the season vs. Samford. write's a letter to 10 players that are expected to make the biggest impact in 2010. Today we continue with Nigel Bradham.

Nigel Bradham

Hometown: Wakulla, Fl

Position: Linebacker

Ht/Wt: 6'2, 230

Year: Junior

Stats: (2009) 93 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 interception, 2 fumble recoveries

Dear Nigel,

It is interesting writing this letter because we know so much about you. What I mean by that is that in a 'perfect world' the past two years you would have been learning the system and getting stronger.

You did not have that luxury as we needed you on the field. That experience should be huge as you enter your junior year. You are now one of the leaders on the defense and many feel this is a big year for you in terms of the NFL. We would concur with that assessment. However we know you have the size, we know you have the speed, you are going to test great at the combine. It is your body of work that will tell the tale in terms of your future draft position.

Nigel Bradham in Spring Game
Steve Chase,

With fellow classmate and "Nigel" (Carr) you are expected to form the backbone of what we hope will be a much improved defense. It must have been tough for you last year, the results were clearly not what you were looking for as a unit. That is behind us now however and we need you to step up your game to "dominating". New year, fresh start.

Nigel, we want to see some real game changing plays this year. Whether it is a big hit that jars the ball loose or you winning the one on one battle in space with a RB/TE; we need you to alter the course of the game. There will come a time when it is deep in the 4th quarter, we are tired, and we need a stop to secure a victory. That is where Nigel Bradham needs to summon the courage to bring out his best. That is where games are won and lost; and we are sick of losing. Those plays are what make great players and there is no question that you can be one.

It is a big step from underclassmen to upperclassmen, the way you handle that will have an affect on the rest of your life. The last two years you could look and say "I have plenty of time left". That is really not the case anymore, this is the year and these are the moments that you will remember forever.

The example you set for Jeff Luc and Christian Jones will have an affect on their careers. Both players have similar talent and goals, show them the way it is done. Let them know about your experiences, be in their ear about mistakes that you made so they can learn from it as well. That is what being a great team mate is, that is what leaves a lasting mark on the program, and that is what is important from a team perspective.

It is time to "ball'. Time to go out and execute. Time to play and not think. We look forward to watching it all come together for you.

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