Waisome: "The visit was eye opening"

Florida State has been in heavy pursuit of Nick Waisome for months. Today the 4-star corner was in town for the Jimbo Fisher Camp. NoleDigest caught up with Nick to get his thoughts on today's visit.

Nick Waisome is rated as the state of Florida's top cornerback for the 2011 recruiting class. Waisome is coveted in this class because of his ability to cover man-to-man, and he has shown time and time again the speed to close on the ball when it is in the air.

With a need for corners in this class Florida State has put a lot of effort in recruiting Waisome. He had a great visit in February for Junior Day, which is the last time he was on campus before Thursday. While he didn't work out Thursday he got a chance to spend some time with the coaches and build the relationships with more than his recruiting coach, D.J. Eliot.

"I visited the camp today but I didn't compete because I have a busy week coming up," said Waisome. "I have Friday Night Lights Friday and then the Gridiron Kings 7-on-7 after that. Mainly I wanted to spend the time with Coach Fisher and Coach Stoops today. I wanted to watch Coach Stoops and see how he coaches. I wanted to have the time to talk to Coach Fisher."

Coach Stoops is renowned as a defensive backs coach. It is that fact that has caught the attention of Waisome in terms of FSU. Nick told NoleDigest that the two had several talks today throughout his time in Tallahassee.

"Coach Stoops is a good coach," Waisome said, "so mainly I just wanted to build that relationship with him. I have a great one with Coach Eliot, so now I just want to get that with the rest of the coaches. I got some 1-on-1 time with Coach Stoops. He was giving me some input on things and talking about how I can help them at FSU. He told me they are still looking for a true corner in the class; they have a lot of safeties but not that true cover corner. He was telling me they have room for 1 more corner in the class."

Coach Fisher took some time after the camp to meet with some players. Nick said he spent about an hour with Fisher in his office, talking about things from playing time to what FSU can offer him as a student athlete.

"I talked with Coach Fisher for about an hour in his office," said Waisome. "I was in there with my guidance counselor and one of my coaches. He was telling me the types of things I'd be doing if I was a player at FSU and the exposure I would have. He also told me about the philosophy he has as a coach and what he is trying to do at FSU and how life as a Seminole football play will be. It definitely was some really good stuff. It was eye opening…..the transformation he was talking about."

FSU has been a factor in Waisome's recruitment throughout, but today showed Nick that FSU may be a real option for him.

"I pretty much saw the same things I saw when I was up there for Junior Day," said Waisome. "Today's visit had an impact on me and talking to Coach Fisher was nice. It got me really thinking about them in general. I was thinking about the possibility of going there real hard."

Friday Nick will be in Gainesville for Friday Night Lights.

"I am going to compete at Friday Night Lights because they have a bunch of athletes coming from all over the nation," said Waisome. "I want to go there and compete against them and show out."

Look for Nick to make his decision in August.

"I am committing in August," Nick said, "but I haven't narrowed anything down yet. I want to get it done before the season. The school where I have the best relationship with the coaches, the school that has the best lifestyle, and the place where I have a bond with the players is where I will go. Each of the schools I am looking at will give me a good education."

Stay tuned for more from Nick as his decision nears.

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