Fearless Predictions for Saturday

Time does not tick any slower than it does this week, but we are only five days from the home opener with Samford. NoleDigest has six fearless predictions for the first game.

1. FSU will score more than 48 points

Seven touchdowns sounds about right plus some change in this one. Christian Ponder is going to be ready to get on the field again, but it is really going to be the second and third team that gets us over 50. E.J. Manuel, Ty Jones, the freshmen WRs, and others will have a good opportunity to showcase their talent in this one. We are not going to say this is a great defense, but it certainly is a pretty good one for the level of play.

2. The defense will give up less than 10 points.

Samford can be offensively challenged and we should be too much for them physically. We go to 10 points because a break in coverage can happen at any time(particularly with backups in the game) and first games can be quite sloppy(turnovers). If the defense wants to be taken seriously it should start with a solid performance in this one.

3. We will have more than six penalties.

Unfortunate.......yes. But that is what first games are for and they often include multiple "silly" penalties. It would be a very good sign indeed if we kept it underneath this number.

4. The first TD will be through the air---Ponder to Reed.

We said FEARLESS predictions and we mean it. Talk about a shot in the dark! We see Bert Reed on a crossing pattern getting separation and jetting into the endzone to make it 7-0. Reed has been challenged to step by Coach Fisher and we think he does that immediately.

5. The last tickets will be sold.

Tough call here, but we have faith that people are ready to start a new chapter and what better time to do that than the home opener? It is nice to watch a win where your own players make a bunch of big plays....isn't it? Everyone who can should get their fannies in the seats and support the program.

6. This is the first win of an undefeated home season.

Yes that means wins over Brigham Young, Clemson, and Florida. The first part of "getting back" is to protect home field and that is exactly what we expect to happen this year. Only the UF game might we be underdogs in, and that is pure speculation at this time. Beating Clemson is important for the division in the ACC and to put the Tiger's in their place(second). We hope the blowout of BYU last year does not mean we take them a lightly this year; they can pop their head up at any time with a strong offensive game.

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