Errin Joe Live Evaluation

One of FSU's top remaining targets is offensive linemen Errin Joe. The Lake Gibson star played local rival Lakeland on Friday and was on hand for a live evaluation from Polk County expert Garrett Radcliffe--a special contributor to the site. Here is his take on Joe.

Even though the game Friday night between Lakeland and Lake Gibson at Virgil Ramage Stadium was cut short due to lightning, Errin Joe was impressive, especially in the second quarter where he helped pave the way for running back Remi Watson out of the Wildcat offense.

Errin Joe is an impressive physical specimen. At about 6'4" and 295 pounds, Joe is a massive and strong lineman who anchors the left side of Lake Gibson's offensive line. In the weight room, Joe reports a 315 pound bench press and 500 pound squat, which is evident in his drive ability. In the classroom, Joe further adds to his value as a top prospect by sporting over a 4.0 GPA and a 19 ACT.

On the field Errin Joe is a fierce and dominating run blocker. When you watch his highlights you will always see him pave the way on the left side. His exceptional lower body strength provides him with a great push through drive blocks and he is the type of lineman that does not quit on a block until the play is over. His highlight reel is full of examples of his tremendous run blocking skills and he does a tremendous job sealing off opposing linemen with his blocks and even reaching the second level to make quality blocks. The area where Joe can improve is on the pass blocking side. He is a good pass blocker, and has decent footwork, but he really suffers from playing to high in his blocks. He is fairly quick off the snap and uses his hands well to fend off opposing linemen, but out of the snap he is too high and it allows quicker defensive linemen to get under his pad level and often time disrupt his base as a blocker. It carries over into his run blocking too and can take away the effectiveness of the push from his really strong lower body.

Overall Errin Joe is a high quality offensive tackle who at this point excels at run blocking over pass blocking. If he continues to get stronger in the weight room at the next level, continues to perfect his footwork, and really focuses on playing lower and not as upright in his blocks, he can prove to be a dominant player for whatever college he chooses. Currently Joe has narrowed down recruiting to his Top 5 schools with Florida State at No.1, Georgia Tech at No.2, and then Missouri, Miami, and Florida finishing the list, but in no particular order.

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