First Half Thoughts

Florida State will take a 35-3 lead into the half. Here are some quick notes from the first half live from Saturday's home opener.

QB Christian Ponder is having a great time out there on the field. Leader. He has had one mistake on the INT, but the ball was tipped. Passes have been right where they need to be. He throws one of the best swing passes that I have seen.

Exactly what we would expect at RB.....Looks like Jermaine Thomas, Chris Thompson, Ty Jones in that order. Lonnie Pryor is have a great game not only catching the ball, but blocking. Stud.

Looks like Willie Haulstead, Taiwan Easterling, and Bert Reed are established at WR. We would not go that far with Rodney Smith yet. He is a little more raw and not as assertive as the first three. He is going to have to step it up this year, we need him to join the party.

Offensive line is doing a great job in pass protection, but need to gel on the run blocking. It is just a matter of these guys getting on the same page.

Bjorn Werner is an absolute beast. Beast. He will play on Sunday's. Dan Hicks also looks good also, he can be counted on. Not surprisingly, Jacobbi McDaniel is the play-maker inside.

A lot of playing time for the LBs. Nigel Bradham has been a little off today, not a big deal he is trying to do too much. Telvin Smith looks like a heat seeking missile out there. He has s-w-a-g-g-e-r. Good to see Jeff Luc and Christian Jones also get some PT.

Xavier Rhodes is as good as advertised. Greg Reid might be better. Still have issues at Safety, but they are communicating well out there. Terrance Parks has been steady.

Much more to come after the game, stay tuned to

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