NoleDigest Take: Game One Offense

Florida State opened the 2010 season with 59-6 win at home over Samford. NoleDigest was on hand and here is a look at how some of the offensive players faired on Saturday.


Christian Ponder: 12-14, 167 yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT

While we are sure that he would like the pick back, he was deadly accurate the rest of the way and the four TDs is a heck of a start to the season. He showed his mobility by picking up a first down when he alluded pressure and burst up the middle. He only played the first half in this one and he clearly is the offensive leader of this team. Most importantly he really enjoys the game; he sported a big smile most of the day. We will say it again, there might not be anyone better in the country.

E.J. Manuel: 10-13 129 yards, 1 INT

Manuel threw an early pick on a bad read and bad throw(tried to force the ball). He responded well though and was very accurate on the short to intermediate passes. He is looking more comfortable and was in charge when he was out there. The future looks bright indeed.


Jermaine Thomas: 8-31, 1 TD, 1-21 receiving

Thomas ran hard and had a couple of beautiful cuts. He lowered the boom in the first half on a run down the sideline showing more power than his size would indicate. His best attribute is his vision.

Chris Thompson: 3-17 rushing, 1 TD, 4-54 receiving

Thompson was used exactly like we envisioned. He is going to get a few carries and catch some balls out of the backfield. He blocked the punt on special teams. Thompson may be short, but he is strong.

Ty Jones: 8-107 rushing, 1 TD

Jones busted off a 57 yard TD run in the third quarter and really showed some wiggle, burst, and speed throughout the afternoon. He is the most powerful of the RBs, a quality that might endear him to Coach Gran over time.

Lonnie Pryor: 3-23, 2 TD receiving

Pryor will need to wait a year (or perhaps have an injury or two at RB) to be a feature back, but he has settled in nicely at the FB position where he is going to be an offensive force. Pryor had a great adjustment on a first half pass and will be a difficult match-up for defenses as he comes out of the backfield. Two TDs from three catches on the day.


Bert Reed: 5-50, 1 TD

Probably the most impressive part of Reed today was that he showed a little more shake. He is known as the speed guy for a reason(he can fly), but has not always shown "make you miss" potential. He will never be that guy, but flashed enough in that department to think that there are some big plays coming this year from him.

Willie Haulstead: 2-40

Haulstead had a solid afternoon. He is the big target that will be a tough match-up for smaller DBs, particularly when the works the middle of the field. He had an opportunity at a TD in the first half, but the ball was maybe one foot too long to catch. He does not look very swift, but he is faster than he appears. Excellent feet.

Taiwan Easterling: 4-56, 1 TD

Easterling is the guy who just gets open. He seems to have the best feel for the position and the best hands. He'll probably end up being the most consistent option at WR this year and possesses enough wiggle for some big plays.

Rodney Smith: 1-42

It was a quiet first three quarters for Smith, but he got his first catch in the 4th and showed why so many are expecting big things. The 6'5 sophomore took a quick pass and showed some real burst down the sideline. He will only get better from here.

*Greg Dent and Jarred Haggins were the first freshmen WRs off the bench.


Very good day as expected by the starters, but they are going to need improve from here. They were very good in pass pro all afternoon, but struggled at times in the run game. The OL is about being a unit and the timing was a little off at times, we will watch the film and see if we can pick up on any bigger issues (we don't think there is). The second team OL was Henry Orelus, Garrett Faircloth, Rhonne Sanderson, Bryan Stork, and Jacob Stanley.


FSU scored 59 points and moved the ball at will. No one is really worried about the offense and there was nothing today to indicate that should change. The OL could have been better in run blocking, but it is nitpicking and they improved as the game progressed. The tight end's were non-factors, but it appears to have been by design. We look forward to the test next weekend in Norman.

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