Say Hello To David Castillo

Junior center David Castillo earned his first career start against North Carolina last season in place of injured senior Antoine Mirambeau. Castillo earned valuable playing time the rest of the season, starting against Florida and Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. Here's a quick Q & A with a player who expects to play a key role in the Seminoles' success along the line this season. "We fell apart in a few games last year. What we needed was unity. Our attitude's really good," Castillo said.

You started the last couple of games last season, but what does it feel like going into this spring with the center job yours to lose?

"It feels really good. I finally had a good stretch where I've actually been somewhat healthy. I had a bad stretch of injuries when I got here. It feels great. Andrew (Henry-Kinnon) is a good center, and we've got a couple of other guys back there, so I've just got to keep working hard and keep my job."

What was the mood like today? Is it good to get back on the field?

"I think it's really good. A lot of guys were missing it. We worked hard in the weight room, we worked real hard in offseason conditioning. We couldn't do all the drills. Some guys did some of the drills, and some guys could barely do anything because of surgeries and stuff. I think we've got a lot more unity this year than we've had. This year, that's going to be the key. We fell apart in a few games last year. What we needed was unity. Our attitude's really good. We've got a good outlook coming into spring and next season."

How important is it, with a bunch of young guys on the interior of the line, to keep yourselves sharp? Because you're not facing the starting defensive tackles, the challenge won't always be as great as it will be during the season.

"There are a lot of guys on the offensive line who are banged up. A lot of us don't have a lot of experience. Ray (Willis) has got some pretty good experience. Alex (Barron) has got some pretty good experience. I've had a few games, but some of these other guys have had one, two games, or a couple plays here and there. It doesn't matter who we go against – we've got to work on our technique and out assignments. Assignments are key. We've got to learn our assignments, be sharp as we go into next season."

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