Ackerman Chat...The Transcript

As he will do every Thursday, Brady Ackerman will be in the chat room talking about your Gator football program. We hope you will join us Thursday nights at 9 p.m. EST, but if you can't make it, we will have a transcript for you right here. Here is the chat from this week when Ackerman talked about the game against Miami (OH) and the upcoming contest vs. USF.

Brady Ackerman has a unique insight into the Florida program being a former player for the Gators and also as the current sideline host for the gator television and radio networks.  He brings his unique perspective to you every week in chat. 

Here is this week's installment.

HollywoodBob> Brady, we gonna try run first this week?
Brady Ackerman> I think you will see some new wrinkles in UF's offense this week
Brady Ackerman> Florida will run between the tackles out of the I and maybe some option with Burton in the pistol I think
gatorgolfer> Rumor is we are going to snap the ball to the QB this week  -:)

BocaGtr66> Brady is Debose going to see the field this week?
Brady Ackerman> I think Debose will have a break out game this week, wouldn't surprise me if he starts
Brady Ackerman> I think you will see Chris Rainey get some carries out of the Percy position this week
Brady Ackerman> remember the play vs Arkansas? I use to call it the Percy counter, that may show back up with Rainey this week
Brady Ackerman> jet sweep is a staple of the offense when you have speed like Demps and Rainey

gatorgolfer> Brady, set the OL for us
Brady Ackerman> left tackle Marcus Gilbert, Carl Johnson , Mike Pouncey , Jon Halapio, Maurice Hurt
Brady Ackerman> James Wilson got hurt last week and with Hurt at tackle it gets thin, Jonotthan Harrison looks close to being ready to play
wilkinsongator>  Didn't Halapio play RG last week?
Brady Ackerman> Halapio was unsure and thrown to the wolves at the last minute he will be better

wilkinsongator> Will Sam Robey be ready if the snapping issues continue?
Brady Ackerman> Robey is ready

gatorgolfer> Nixon?
Brady Ackerman> Nixon is close should play but I think they would like to hold him out like they tried to do with Jeremy Brown last week but if they need him he plays.
Brady Ackerman> David Young is another guard for the Gators
Brady Ackerman> Kyle Koehne and Ian Silberman are the tackles behind Gilbert, Hurt and Nixon
Brady Ackerman> Yes, I left him out Alajajian can play multiple spots
Brady Ackerman> They cross train to get he most experience on the field but it backfired last week. the line will be better this week, I guarantee it

Brady Ackerman> you notice UF went with Silberman at tight end some last week
Brady Ackerman> Jordan Reed will make a big difference this week

HollywoodBob> Brady what would you do at second string TB
Brady Ackerman> Gillislee is really good I think he's number two

BocaGtr66> How is Brantley handling the situation. He seemed really rattled which I don't blame him not knowing where the snap was going to end up.
Brady Ackerman> I think Johnny just wants to go play football he knows they are better than what they showed

1121gator> Brady, do you think we struggle to contain B.J.Daniels with our front ends?
Brady Ackerman> I told you all along I think defensive end is a concern they played too many snaps last week
Brady Ackerman> the key to Daniels will be Jon Bostic and Jelani Jenkins
Brady Ackerman> I think you could see some 3-4 this week on defense
Brady Ackerman> Sanders looks healthy but you can play a 3-4 without a Terrence Cody it is a one gap 3-4 and really just means you can't double a wide receiver on the back end

wilkinsongator> Do you think USF's defense will give us problems?
Brady Ackerman> USF defense was the only other one to get 4 INT's last week besides us but they are not as good as they were last year.
Brady Ackerman> they have more speed than Miami though so we need to run downhill more

wilkinsongator> Were our WRs blocking better in practice?
Brady Ackerman> Our WR's did not block worth a flip which I pointed out on the broadcast the problem is with Gonzalez thats all they did while now they run more routes because the Gators are more of a passing team
Brady Ackerman> You can teach both, my point is they have spent a lot of time running routes because they will throw the more and that takes away from some of the other work

Gator86> Can you explain Meyer saying that he didn't know why Debose didn't get on the field? Gotta get the play makers busy
Brady Ackerman> Azzani couldn't pull the trigger last week on Debose, he will make a big impact this week
HotlantaBill> I dont get it...CMU ran a spread offense. they didn't have to block there?
Brady Ackerman> Debose, Alli and Dunbar should provide more depth at receiver this week

g8orbill> as I sit here and watch Cam Newton run all over Miss State-do you believe the
    reason he left UF was really because Tebow came back
Brady Ackerman> I think Newton left because he was found with a stolen lap top, but he was behind Johnny on the depth chart

wilkinsongator> Has Meyer already started game planning for Bama, like Saban did the previous offseason?
Brady Ackerman> Meyer is game planning for USF, Florida was very vanilla last week
Brady Ackerman> Well maybe more than 20 plays but your run what works. Bill Walsh had 5 runs, 6 3/5 step drop passes each and that was it along with tricks etc
Brady Ackerman> You run what works but packages and formations give defenses different looks which is what Boise St. does so well
Brady Ackerman> Florida has to find it's identity first so no they are not game planning for Bama

JMOliver> great more bubble screens
Brady Ackerman> Bubble screen works against zone coverage easy throw to a speed guy in space, UF needed to run screen and go last week
Brady Ackerman> Florida led the SEC in total offense last season
orlandogator92> screen isn't going to work if the wideouts don't block
Brady Ackerman> true orlandogator
Brady Ackerman> Steve Addazio and his staff  are still trying to figure out who can play and what they are comfortable with
Brady Ackerman> its hard to call plays on 3rd and long all day because of blunders

gatornate10> Brady, any chance this star studded class is having an effect on team play
Brady Ackerman> No the new class is trying to mesh in we played 15 freshman last week the most of any team in the country

McDonoughGator> Brady, it seems like we don't run a lot of crossing routes or anything over the middle, why?
Brady Ackerman> we called a crossing route to Carl Moore and Johnny sailed it another one Deonte was held and the ref did not call it
Brady Ackerman> they will throw to the middle of the field, the touchdown to Hines was over the middle
Brady Ackerman> Jordan Reed will help the middle this week he is faster and more fluid than Trey Burton
Brady Ackerman> Burton is an unselfish guy who can play many positions smart kid, tough runner, good hands

BlueGator9> Brady.. do you think Gators were not prepared and is the reason for the previous week's performance?
Brady Ackerman> I don't believe Florida's players got themselves ready for Miami

gatorgreeter> Is Dunkley ready to play and will he Brady?
Brady Ackerman> Dunkley is not ready

gatorgolfer> Brady I no longer fall for the so and so is going to play a bigger role. Meyer plays it close to the vest and conservative most of the time
Brady Ackerman> I don't try to analyze coaches comments too much half the time they aren't ready to answer them. Urban protects his players

bsgator> Brady was there for the barbaque veteran scrimmage
Brady Ackerman> I did go to the letterman's bbq where 800 people showed up

McDonoughGator> I think Mullen would buck Urban about being conservative, but Addazzio and Urban are to much alike
Brady Ackerman> Mullen is more wide open because he is qb guy and a young guy- addazio is an offensive line guy so he's not quite as wide open
orlandogator92> did Dan take our play book or what
ellparr> Have you seen what we have done since Dan left?
Brady Ackerman> the good players want to go out after 3 years
Brady Ackerman> Dan never had to call plays being the hunted or without Percy Harvin except year one
Brady Ackerman> in 2007 he could let it fly because we had no defense
Brady Ackerman> in 2008 everyone wanted to hang him after ole miss said we relied on Tebow Harvin too much

gatornate10> Brady, any chance M taylor gets in on special teams. (how is Carodine?)
Brady Ackerman> I think Taylor is on the redshirt fence but Carodine's injury was serious

Question> Is there concern at cornerback with the depth?
Brady Ackerman> Florida has nothing but true freshman at corner after Janoris and Jeremy Brown
Brady Ackerman> Cody Riggs and Jaylen Watkins are the back ups
Brady Ackerman> Josh Shaw and Riggs are behind Brown

AnimasGator> Brady / Bob / Gators - score predictions?  UF 42 - usf 27
Brady Ackerman> I think we will play our best game of the season!
Brady Ackerman> USF will beat us if we play like last week but i think we win by three touchdowns
Brady Ackerman> Chris Rainey will run of a touchdown this week big plays return
HollywoodBob> I think close game...20-13
gatorfans239> 20-13?
HollywoodBob> that's my FG spin as Parrish would put it

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