Top 13 -- Week 2

It was a strange week in the world of college football with the Atlantic Coast Conference doing everything possible to convince the football world that the MAC ought to get its automatic bid into the BCS. We proudly point out that only the bottom two teams in our top 13 were beaten, giving us the right call on all the showdown games this weekend.

Here is the weekly ranking of the top 13 from your intrepid (and highly questionable) Gainesville staff. To be more specific it's your Gainesville based lawless firm of Vettel, Redman, McKeeman and Jones.

In addition to the top 13 teams, each of us will also acknowledge a "dubious achievement" for the college football weekend. Choosing only four of them was quite a challenge, but that's why we get the big bucks… NOT!

We agreed at the very top, but there was quite a bit of difference of opinion after that. We score it straight 13 points for a No. 1 vote down to 1 point for No. 13. The closeness of the scoring is pretty obvious.

With that, here is the first week of rankings and dubious achievements.


No. 1 --- Alabama (52, unanimous No. 1)
No. 2 --- Ohio State (47)
No. 3 --- Boise State (42)
No. 4 --- Texas (36)
No. 5 --- Oregon (33)

No. 6 --- TCU (32)
No. 7 --- Oklahoma (29)
No. 8 --- Florida (28)
No. 9 --- Iowa (19)
No. 10 --- Nebraska (15)

No. 11 --- Wisconsin (11)
No. 12 --- Arkansas (6)
No. 13 --- LSU (5)

Others receiving votes: South Carolina, Auburn, Stanford --- all courtesy of Mr. Redman.

Dubious Achievement Awards:

The Notre Dame defense which "held" Michigan QB Denard Robinson to 258 rushing yards and 244 more passing yards in a 28-24 loss at home. It was a Vince Young-esque performance and it came in South Bend.

Redman: Florida State laid a golden egg in their "big" game with a premiere program. They exposed quite a few flaws that some of us knew they had but the national media certainly had no clue. An offense that ran for 123 yards was the common theme a year ago in their five losses. A defense that was carved up by a good team was also much of the same from 2009.

McKeeman: Christian Ponder's Heisman campaign. Look at Ponder's stats after FSU's embarrassing loss to Oklahoma. The "Heisman Hopeful" hit on just 11-of-28 passes with no touchdowns and two interceptions. The over-hype and Heisman campaign had Ponder looking cautious and incredibly nervous. At least he doesn't have to worry about the Heisman anymore...

Jones: Georgia Tech was optimistic about its season, but you can't lose on the road at Kansas. You especially can't lose at Kansas the week after they score three points and lose to North Dakota State.

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