Floyd Powers Way to Head of Class

Two weeks into the season, Florida's vaunted freshman class continues to make an impact on the 2010 Gator football team. Gator newcomers are helping on virtually every unit of the team, but one big rookie is starting to look like the star of stars.

That rookie is freshman defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd.

Floyd has moved right into the defensive tackle rotation even though it may be the deepest position on the team in terms of veteran players. In each of his first two contests Floyd has been involved in a tackle behind the line and he has shown the ability to bull rush more experienced offensive linemen and push them into the backfield. I spoke with Floyd after Saturday's win over USF.


LV: Sharrif how does it feel to be so much in the mix already?

SF: It's a blessing, first of all being able to do what I can do and what I've been taught. I just take everything in and go as hard as I can, four to six seconds.

LV: They started out with that long drive. What was going on from your perspective?

SF: At that point to myself I was thinking (when I get in there) shoot my hands and stay low. That's all I kept saying and when I got in that's what I did.

LV: How big is it for you guys on the line when the guys in the back keep making interceptions and getting the ball back?

SF: It just builds that much more confidence for the team, and you feel much better just focusing on your job and not worry about anyone else's job.

LV: You had a tackle for loss right in front of the bench. How much fun was that play?

SF: Again I went through my keys and saw it developing. I hit him and then all I could do was do the chomp. It was the only thing going through my mind, but I can to calm down a little bit and get ready for the next play.

LV: What did the official say to you after that?

SF: As soon as I heard him blowing the whistle (again) I just threw my hands up and said, ‘I'm done' and stopped. There was no more of that and I just went back to the team and celebrated with them.

LV: How excited are you about getting into SEC play next week?

SF: I'm so excited. I can't wait to get up there and compete and put it on for my team.


Coming into the season it looked like Florida had five solid defensive tackles in Omar Hunter, Jaye Howard, Terron Sanders, Lawrence Marsh and Brandon Antwine. After two games Floyd has more tackles (4) than Sanders Marsh and Antwine combined (2).

I have said for years it's dangerous to count on freshmen to contribute on the defensive line in the SEC. That's a pretty solid rule, but Sharrif Floyd is starting to look like the exception to that rule.

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