Adam Lane Football Diary -- 9/15

Adam Lane is one of the most talked about players in the state of Florida and one to watch over the next few years. Only a rising sophomore from Winter Haven (FL), Lane is a complete running back that is on the radar of many top programs around the country checking in at 5'8 192-pounds with 4.4 speed.

The 2013 running back has great strength, benching 135 pounds 59 times, excellent balance and vision. Each week Adam Lane will provide with an inside look at his life on and off the field.


Monday was really fun we did allot of cool projects in class and I got to see my friend from grade school. It was lightening today so we got to practice in the Cleveland Indians batting cages which had a dome like build which was a good thing since we have Lakeland Friday and that's going to be one of the harder teams we play on the Blue Devil journey. GO BLUE DEVILS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TUESDAY for some reason I was really tired but managed to get all of my work done in class. Today at practice it was hard we had allot of running and hitting all day long, it might of been hard but it was fun at the same time because I love hitting and getting in shape.


Wednesday was crazy everyone was saying they were looking forward to us to winning, the team and I are so ready this is the first time we have felt this way in years. We really feel like we're ready to play Lakeland. This is why we're working so hard to win. This team we have is going all the way to state, win or lose and hopefully win it all. Coach Tate knows this team we have is nothing but the truth. Go Devils.


Thursday, yeaaaaaah baby it Thursday and Friday's coming we are ready and everybody in our community is behind us 100% it's not just any game for us were trying to make statement and show everyone we are capable .Today at practice we're in shorts and shirts and this was one of the most intense Thursday practices we've had this year. All I have to say is Lakeland look out.


Friday at the game it was all hype, we really controlled the first half. We had the ball for pretty much the whole first quarter I had about 100 yards in the first quarter and I ran a 65 yard td but it was called back on a holding call. In the third we had seven of our starters go down with cramps including myself , my mom ran to the car to get my electrolyte packs that I drink, while all this was going on Lakeland scores and the game is tied 7to7 and it's the score until the Half.

Our second team did a great job while we were trying to get ourselves together.. First team gets back in, third quarter and we battle it out but we came up with the short end of the stick. The score was 23 to 17 in the end. The good that we get out of this game is it showed us that we have to work even harder and we should make some noise from here on out. We have the determination to do it and will do whatever it takes to run the table in 3A district 9. Good, better, or best never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best!!!!!!!!!!!!

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